The Fiend attacked Seth Rollins after The BeastSlayer retained his Universal title against Braun Strowman at Clash of Champion. Earlier, Bray Wyatt teased that he would go for Rollin’s gold. The Fiend kept hounding him that made it clear that the sinister entity genuinely terrified Rollins. They wrestled on several WWE Live events before Hell in a Cell, with Wyatt no-selling the Curb Stomp.

WWE Universe got to witness a unique presentation in the main event of recently concluded PPV. WWE had brought back the red cell, and a bunch of red lights focusing on the hellish structure. However, many fans complained about bad visibility because of this. The controversial finish to the contest saw Seth Rollins attacking a fallen Fiend with a sledgehammer. Therefore, the referee called the match, and the arena filled with a chorus of loud boos.

Moreover, a fan was taunting The BeastSlayer with a sign that said: “Seth Rollins is not cool” while he’s leaving. A string of WWE officials prevented the circumstance from heightening further. Now, Universal Champion has posted a tweet addressing the fan sign. Also, he used the hashtag as a reference to the fan sign from Hell in a Cell. Check out Rollins post provided beneath.

Cody Rhodes commented on AEW chants at PPV

Besides, the fans chanted AEW after the finish to this past Sunday PPV’s main event featuring Seth Rollins & The Fiend. Recently, Cody Rhodes opened up about the AEW chants on the Joe Cronin Show. While talking about the same, EVP of All Elite Wrestling said, it was flattering to hear those chants.

“So it was, it was flattering. I wouldn’t be one to gloat about it only because I know that one of the guys in that match got concussed and this job ain’t that easy, but nevertheless whenever we hear those chants, it’s more validation that what we’re doing and what we’ve been saying about this market existing, it’s real.”


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