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Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman joined forces against The O.C. to become new RAW Tag Team Champions

Universal Champion Seth Rollins came out and followed by Braun Strowman. The Monster Among Men posed for the crowd. United States Champion AJ Styles came out and waited for RAW Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. The OC headed to the squared circle together while Mike Rome did formal ring introductions from before the match. The bell rang, and Strowman met Gallows. Strowman shoved back unloaded early on and leveled Gallows with a big shoulder. Rollins tagged in and leaped off the top while B Strowman held Gallows. The BeastSlayer still had his ribs taped up.

Gallows turned it around and sent Rollins into the corner. Anderson joined in and came in off the tag. He beat Rollins down in the corner while cheered them on from ringside. Rollins fought back and clotheslined Anderson.  He ended up dropkicking Anderson off the apron, then leaping off the apron with a knee to Gallows’ head. Styles distracted Rollins for just a second. So, this led to Gallows and Anderson engaging Rollins on the outside next. Gallows dropped Rollins’ injured ribs over the barrier a few times. Rollins kicked Anderson to get an opening, and then decked Gallows on the apron.

Anderson caught Rollins with a big Spinebuster for a two count. He kept control and climbed up in the corner for a superplex. Rollins fought him off and sent him to the mat. Anderson ran into a big boot. Rollins came off the top with a big Blockbuster. However, the fans rallied for Strowman to make the tag. Gallows tagged in and stopped Rollins from reaching Strowman. He choked Rollins on the ropes while the referee warned him. Styles approached Rollins at ringside, but Strowman stopped him. Gallows came from behind and shoved Strowman into the ring post. He dropped Strowman again and returned to the ring but Rollins super-kicked him.

Rollins looked to tag, but Strowman was down on the outside. The Architect delivered a Slingblade to Gallows. Rollins took turns running wild on both opponents. Gallows countered, but Rollins sent him over the top rope to the floor. Rollins ran the ropes and hit a suicide dive to Gallows, sending him into the barrier. He returned to the ring with a Falcon Arrow on Anderson for a two count. Anderson and Rollins traded shots. Rollins climbed to the top, but Styles shoved him off as Anderson had the referee distracted. Gallows tagged in for the double team slam to the title-holder. Rollins kicked out at two while Gallows couldn’t believe it.

Gallows & Anderson talked some trash, but Rollins fought off the Magic Killer. Anderson decked him, and they double-teamed him. Gallows held Rollins on the outside while Styles prepared to deck him while Anderson had the referee distracted. Strowman ran over Styles, then Gallows to save Rollins. Finally, Rollins countered Anderson in the ring and got the hot tag to Strowman. The Monster Among Men ran wild on Anderson, then Gallows as he came in. Strowman hit the running powerslam to Anderson. The Phenomenal One ran in, but Rollins stopped him with a Stomp. Strowman covered Anderson to get the win and the championships.

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