Like many in her generation, Sasha Banks grew up watching The Undertaker. The Phenom had the reputation of being the toughest and most intimidating person in the WWE locker room. Perhaps, that’s the reason he was the leader for so many years. The way he walks and talks intimidates a lot of people including his fellow-wrestlers.

The BluePrint made an appearance on the Table Talk podcast. She opened up about her brief encounter with The Undertaker for the first time. She noted that she was nervous to approach him. The Following week, Banks asked him to watch her match but was still scared.

“I was so scared to talk to him because he’s amazing – this big legend. And the first time I went up to say hi to him I was like – *stuttering noises* and I was like “oh my god you’re a loser”. 

“I came back next week and I asked ‘Can you see my match? Did you like it?’ I was so nervous about The Undertaker. I was like ‘Oh my god’

D-Von Dudley was also present and acknowledged the aura of The Deadman. He said that it wasn’t just her generation who felt that way. Dudley was in high school when The Undertaker first entered the business. He told The Undertaker truly puts on an intimidating figure when meeting him the first time. Dudley noted that once you get to know him, he’s all about fun and joking around.

Dudley asked Sasha about how long she plans to continue to wrestle. Here’s what The Legit Boss said.

“I’m gonna do it until I just feel like I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to do. How about that? How about that? Healthy as well. I’m gonna leave healthy, happy, and really fulfilled with what I’ve done because I already have been really fulfilled, and I’m very thankful, and I’m healthy with what I’ve been doing in the ring. I’ve been taking care of my body; I’ve been happy, healthy, and wholesome. Who knows how long. It could be forever. I could be like Ric Flair.”


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