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Sasha Banks joined SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley on Miz TV

The Miz was in the ring for another must-see edition of MizTV. Miz welcomed us and talked about his guest and then introduced her. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley made her way out with her new theme song, while Sasha Banks was right by her side. They hit the ring. Miz didn’t realise The Boss would be here. Banks and Bayley put the champ over. Miz talked about Bayley winning the title from Charlotte Flair and then led us to a video package. The video showed us how Bayley destroyed her inflatable Bayley Buddies and revealed a new look & attitude last week.

However, Miz had a simple question – why? Bayley took her time while fans booed. Bayley doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. Miz said she doesn’t owe him anything but what about the fans and her supporters. Bayley was quiet. So, Miz asked  is she a silent champion? Is she WWE Champion Brock Lesnar or Paul Heyman? Thus, Fans popped at The Beast Incarnate’s mention. Miz wondered why Bayley changed and asked if it’s how she will always play second-fiddle to Banks, no matter what her accomplishments are.

Meanwhile, Banks knocked Miz for getting drafted late in the 2019 WWE Draft. He said it doesn’t matter; people listen when he talks. Miz said she slashed the Bayley Buddies to be relevant last week. Bayley said that’s not why. She slashed them because they have defined her for her entire WWE run.

Bayley went on about giving everything each week – headbands, high fives and hugs, but all fans did was taking. The Champ said she promised to elevate the division the first night she won the title, and she did that. So, the fans gave her the “What!?” treatment. Bayley said she was in pain, crying and heartbroken when she lost the title at Hell In a Cell, but there was no one for her.

She picked herself up and won her title back, but when she walked backstage to the locker room. No one was waiting there to hug her or congratulate her. Bayley used to think the division lacked opportunity, but it’s just lazy, lacks desire and power. She used to try to be what “they” wanted her to be, but the truth is – she’s outgrown them — fans boo. “So, you guys want some inspiration? Life sucks, and then you die.”

Finally, the music interrupted, and Nikki Cross came out to the stage. She said that’s enough, Bayley. Cross thinks she speaks for everyone here when she says the time for talking is done, and the time for action is. Fans popped. Cross told Bayley to make herself comfortable, and then after tonight’s win, she will make sure she gives Bayley a great big hug.

Further, the music interrupted and Dana Brooke came out with a mic. Not so fast, Nikki. She mentioned being under-utilised and under-looked, but that is the past and tonight marks a new beginning for her, and she can feel it. Brooke said she will give the WWE Universe something to cheer for because The Flex Appeal is here on SmackDown. She told fans to flex, but the music interrupted, and Lacey Evans came out. Evans headed to the ring. Up next is Six-Pack Challenge.

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