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Sasha Banks defeated RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch via Disqualification

Sasha Banks came out first. RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was out next. We got formal ring introductions from Mike Rome. They met, and Lynch smacked Banks, dropping her and going to work. Lynch kept control and tossed Banks around. Banks countered a move and tried to take Lynch down to the mat. Lynch went for the Disarm-Her early on, but Banks rolled to the floor to re-group. She stalked Banks on the outside and leaped off the steel steps to take her back down. Lynch brought Banks back in and kicked her in the face, and then rocked her from the apron.

Banks caught Lynch coming in off the ropes, and unloaded on her. She took Lynch down and kicked her in the back. So, the fans did dueling chants. Banks took it all in and covered Lynch for a two count. She kept control and hit a Meteora after a knee to the nose from the apron. Banks stood tall and talked trash to the crowd for some boos. However, Lynch interrupted and went to work. Banks worked Lynch over in the corner and played to the crowd some more. She leaped off the top at Lynch, but she wasted time and Lynch took her out of mid-air.

They went to trade more strikes, and Lynch unloaded for a pop. Lynch dropped Banks in the middle of the ring. She rocked Banks with knee strikes. Lynch charged, but Banks stepped aside and dropped Lynch into the Bank Statement. But Lynch battled up and out, nailing a Bexploder suplex. Lynch sent Banks back down and went to the corner for a second rope leg drop for a two count while fans chanted her name. She talked some trash about this being her time and took Banks back to the top.

Banks fought back and hit another big Meteora for a close pin attempt. She screamed out in frustration. Banks charged with two sets of double knees in the corner, sending Lynch down. She attacked again, but Lynch fought off the Bank Statement. She tried for the Disarm-Her, but Banks turned it into a two count. Lynch right into the Disarm Her again in the middle of the ring.  Finally, Banks struggled and got the hold broken. Lynch with a basement dropkicked to the face while Banks was against the bottom rope. She went to the top and hit a missile dropkick for a two count.

Both Superstars were down on the mat while Lynch thought about what to do next. Banks rolled to the corner. Lynch approached and stomped away. She ended up nailing a Backstabber out of the corner, and another. Banks applied the Bank Statement again. Lynch tried to get the rope, but Banks tightened it. Finally, she broke the hold. Banks slammed Lynch’s arm over the bottom rope. Banks slid a steel chair into the ring. She grabbed another while the referee was dealing with the first, and shoved it in Lynch’s face as she approaches.

However, the referee turned around after Banks used the chair and count. She sent Lynch back again with a knee strike for a two count. The referee stopped Banks from swinging a chair and argued with her. Lynch came from behind and swung the same chair, but Banks moved, and Lynch dropped the referee with the chair shot. So, this leads to Lynch chasing Banks through the crowd up the stairs, in control. Lynch unloaded on the stairs with right hands. She applied a Disarm Her on the stairs and Banks tapped.

Banks rocked Lynch and tried to make it up the stairs, but Lynch was still after her. Further, they fought out into the concessions area. Lynch sent Banks down and pours mustard or cheese onto her. She sent Banks into the wall and back out into the crowd. Lynch brought Banks back down the stairs to the ringside area. Banks fought back on the stairs. Lynch turned it back around and brought Banks over the barrier. Banks rammed Lynch back into the barricade. The referee was still down in the ring from the chair shot. Banks launched Lynch into the barrier again.

Graves said the match is officially over, according to the word he’s just received. After the decision, Banks brings Lynch and steel chair back in. Banks swung the chair, but Lynch kicked her in the gut, and she dropped the chair. Lynch grabbed the chair and unloaded with chair shots to Banks’ back while she’s down. She stood the chair up and slammed Banks’ face into it several times. Lynch put Banks’ arm through the chair and applied the Disarm-Her onto it.

Banks screamed out in pain while officials hit the ring to break it up and fans booed. Officials checked on Banks, but Lynch just wanted her title before she leaves. She got it and made her exit. Rome announced that Lynch was disqualified for striking the referee. So, the fans boo the decision. Also, he announced Lynch is still the champion, and she raised the title on the stage. Banks recovered in the ring while Lynch talked trash from the stage.

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