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Sasha Banks def. Nikki Cross in a hard-hitting bout | Shayna Baszler blindsided Bayley


SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley came out for commentary. Sasha Banks was out next. Her theme song dropped into a big remix, featuring rapper and celebrity WWE Hall of Famer Snoop Dogg, who is Banks’ cousins. In addition, we saw how NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler laid out these three Superstars last week. Nikki Cross was out next. Banks rocked Cross to start and dropped her. She took it to the corner and unloaded.

Banks hit a suplex for a quick pin attempt. She kept control and showed off some for Bayley. Banks went on and hit the double knees for a two count. So, the fans were taunting Bayley. Cross charged with a low crossbody for a two count. She sent Banks to the floor and kicked her back. Cross strike with a crossbody to the floor on Banks. She ran over and launched herself at Bayley, taking her down next to the announce table and unloading on her.

Cross yelled something in the headset and riled the crowd up. She tried to get back at Banks in the ring, but Bayley pulled her leg, and Banks kicked her back to the floor. More back and forth between the two and another pin attempt before Banks went to the floor for a breather with Bayley. After the break, Bayley re-joined the announcers. Cross hit a crossbody for a two count. She started to get the crowd hyped up.

Cross took Banks down, and again. She yelled out and hit a running splash in the corner. Cross hit a running bulldog and more screaming while the crowd cheered her on. She climbed to the top and hit the crossbody, but Banks rolled through. Banks went for the Bank Statement and they tangled on the floor back and forth. They tangled in the corner some more, and Banks got a two count out of the corner.

Banks screamed, and she wasn’t happy. So, the crowd rallied. Banks countered the swinging neck breaker and hit the Backstabber. She went into the Bank Statement and Cross tried to get the bottom rope. Finally, Cross tapped out. After the match, Banks stood tall, and Cross slowly recovered, but Bayley ran in the ring and attacked her from behind.

Further, NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler rushed the ring and attacked Bayley, stopping the attack on Cross. Thus, fans popped big for The Queen of Spades and chanted “NXT!” Baszler slammed Bayley and made her exit with her title. Banks came in the ring to check on while the crowd continued chanting for NXT. Baszler made her exit while Banks looked on.



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