Samoa Joe came out for the First Round match in the 2019 King of the Ring tournament. We saw the throne, crown, and scepter on display on the stage. Cesaro was out next while Mike Rome did the introductions. They aired pre-recorded sidebar interviews with both Superstars while they came out. Cesaro said The King of Swing will now be known as The King of the Ring.

The bell rang, and Cesaro immediately charged Joe and nailed a huge running uppercut out of nowhere. Joe kicked out at two. Cesaro went to work, but Joe fought him off. They traded big strikes, and Joe dropped Cesaro with a stiff elbow. Cesaro came back with a corkscrew uppercut off the ropes for a pin attempt. The Swiss Cyborg went for the Cesaro Swing but couldn’t get it.

Joe battled and dropped Cesaro with strikes, sending him to the floor. He ran the ropes and nailed a suicide dive, sending Cesaro over the barrier into the crowd. They’re smiling as they unloaded on each other with big, stiff strikes. Joe got the upper hand and dropped Cesaro. He kept Cesaro grounded. Joe kept control and took his time, keeping Cesaro down. He went for the senton, but Cesaro moved. Cesaro landed a big kick to the jaw fora close two counts.

Moreover, Cole confirmed Rollins & Strowman vs. Gallows & Anderson for tonight. Joe prevented a big slam from Cesaro, but he tried again and dropped Joe with a Gutwrench. Plus, they continued to trade big strikes and more offense. Cesaro dropped Joe with a big uppercut and sent him to the floor. He ran around the ring and delivered another uppercut. Cesaro brought it back into the ring and climbed to the top, hitting a crossbody. Joe kicked out at two. Cesaro charged into the corner, but Joe caught him with an Uranage.

Joe followed up with the senton for a close two count. Cesaro dropped Joe with another strike and then delivered the Cesaro Swing. He hit the Sharpshooter and turns that into a Crossface. The back and forth continued until The Samoan Shark caught Cesaro in the Coquina Clutch. Cesaro tapped out for the finish. Joe advanced to the second round. He stared at Cesaro after the match and got back to his feet while fans chanted his name. Joe will face the winner of next week’s match between Ricochet & Drew McIntyre.


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