We saw what happened with Jerry Lawler, Rusev, Lana, and  Bobby Lashley on King’s Divorce Court last week. Rusev was waiting in the ring while Mike Rome did the introductions. He took the mic while a “Rusev Day!” chant started up. Rusev was sure everyone will agree with him when he says tonight is the night to end all this stupid drama. He’s not here to bicker with his soon-to-be ex-wife Lana, or call her names because he sure can. Rusev is here for Bob Lashley. Rusev is here to tell Lashley, man-to-man, that Lana is all his if he wants her, but your ass is all his.

However, the music interrupted, and Bobby Lashley came out on crutches. Lana was with him. Lashley mentioned how he would come beat Rusev up, but he suffered a very debilitating injury last week. He has torn his groin. Lashley said he didn’t tear his groin at Crown Jewel or training to beat Rusev up. The All Mighty tore it, doing things, and performing in ways Rusev could only fantasize about. They shared a kiss. Lana said Rusev isn’t interested in hearing about their life that is full of love and sex, but he is interested in another type of fight. She said someone very special has volunteered to fight Rusev, and he’s going to kick his ass.

The music hit, and Drew McIntyre came out. Drew, Lana, and Lashley marched to the ring. The bell rings, and Rusev sized Drew McIntyre up. So, the fans chanted “Rusev Day!” Rusev ducked a shot, but McIntyre dropped him with a headbutt. McIntyre took Rusev to the corner and beat him down. Rusev came out of the corner with a big clothesline. He unloaded with shoulder thrusts in the corner. Rusev hit a right hand and big body shots to McIntyre in the corner. We saw Lana and Lashley watching from up on the ramp as Rusev kept control.

McIntyre turned it around in the corner and unloaded on Rusev while the referee warned him. He manhandled Rusev in the corner while Lana and Lashley smiled. Rusev fought out of the corner, but McIntyre dropped him with a big clothesline. McIntyre kept control and works Rusev over while he’s down. Rusev came back with a fall-away slammed to send McIntyre out of the ring, clutching his back in pain. He stared up at Lana and Lashley. McIntyre remained in control. Rusev turned it around, but McIntyre shut him down with a big Spinebuster. He kicked out at two while Lana and Lashley looked on.

McIntyre talked some trash, but Rusev fired back with a big clothesline to drop McIntyre. Rusev mounted offense with several big moves while the crowd cheered. He hit the spinning heel kick for another pop. Rusev got hyped up in the corner, but McIntyre dodges the Machka Kick. McIntyre fought back and nailed a throat chip. He rocked Rusev on the top. Rusev flew to the mat, but McIntyre moved. They ran the ropes and ended up colliding with crossbody attempts. Both superstars went down. They got up and traded shots in the middle of the ring. The significant strikes continued and turned to clubbing blows.

Rusev knocked McIntyre out of the ring with a big superkick. He followed and slammed McIntyre head-first into the steel ring steps, and again. Lashley came running down the ramp, with no injury and smacked Rusev over the back with the crutch. After the bell, Lashley continued beating up Rusev at ringside. Lashley brought Rusev into the ring and followed with the crutch, but Rusev fought back. Rusev unloaded and launched Lashley into the ring post-shoulder-first. The Super Athlete was wide-eyed and furious. He waited for McIntyre to get up, but Randy Orton suddenly attacked with the RKO out of nowhere for a big pop.

Lana laughed while Rusev was laid out from the RKO. Lashley worked over Rusev while he was down. The attack on Rusev continued while the heels and former Team Flair members ganged up on him. Moreover, the music hit, and Ricochet came out to make the save for his former Team Hogan partner. He took out Lashley and sent him to the floor. Ricochet and Orton went at it. He blocked the RKO and sent Orton out of the ring. Lashley comes back to the apron, but Ricochet kicked him to the floor and accidentally sent him into Lana. They both went down. Ricochet stood tall with Rusev in the ring.


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