Bobby Lashley came out with Lana. Rusev was out next while fans were chanting his name. The bell hit, and they went at it. The brawl went to the floor with Rusev unloading on Lashley with a pop. Lana looked on, looking down at her husband. Rusev tossed Lashley in and then brought a table in. Lana pulled it out and Lashley turned the match around thanks to the distraction. Lashley beat Rusev around the ring for some boos. He drove Rusev into the mat with a big slam.

Lashley stood the table up at ringside, but Rusev attacked him and turned it around. Rusev worked Lashley over and slammed him on the ramp. He played to the crowd for another pop while some fans were chanting of the “Rusev Day!”  Rusev brought Lashley back to ringside and went to put him through the table but Lashley flipped the table. Lashley dropped Rusev with a right hand. He whipped Rusev into the steel steps. Lashley continued beating Rusev around the ringside area. He sent Rusev back into the ring as Lana looked on.

Lashley came back in and leveled Rusev. Moreover, they brawled in the corner and tried to put each other through a table leaning against the turnbuckles. Lashley nailed a big Spinebuster. Lashley went back to the floor and brought another table in after dropping Rusev in the corner. They tangled near the apron as Rusev tried to put Lashley through the table on the floor. Lashley fought from the apron. He tried to suplex Rusev from the ring through the table on the floor.

Rusev countered while Lana looked on. He knocked Lashley off the apron to the floor, but he avoided the table. Rusev followed on the floor and kept control, using the steel steps on Lashley. He brought part of the steel guardrail back to ringside and rammed it into Lashley, sending him back down for a pop. Lashley rocked Rusev and turned it around at ringside. He slammed Rusev back into the steel guardrail, bending it in half. Lashley grabbed a kendo stick from under the ring.

He unloaded on Rusev with the stick, beating him around the ringside area while he’s following Lana. She laughed at Rusev. Lashley brought it back in the ring and continued wailing away on Rusev’s back with the kendo stick. Lana cheered him on from ringside. Lashley leaned another table in the corner. He hit another big kendo stick shot while Rusev was on his knees. So, fans booed Lashley as he posed. Lashley swung the stick again but Rusev caught it and fought up from his knees. Bobby kicked him but ran into a big shot to the gut with the stick.

Rusev snapped and leveled Lashley a few times, then went to work with tons of kendo stick shots. He continued swinging the stick while Lashley was down. Lana looked worried at ringside. Rusev hit a big Machka Kick. Lana ended up running in and jumping on Rusev’s back, clawing at his face. However, Lashley took advantage, trying to put Rusev through the table in the corner with a Spear, but the table didn’t break. They hit hard. Lashley came back and launched Rusev through a table in another corner to get the win.

Result: Bobby Lashley def. Rusev

After the match, The All Mighty stood tall. Lana stood tall with her man while the referee while checking on Rusev in the corner. Lana and Lashley headed to the back.


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