Shane McMahon stopped on the ramp, and Drew McIntyre joined him – they headed to the squared circle. Roman Reigns came out next to face The Scottish Psychopath at WWE Stomping Grounds. McIntyre met Reigns at ringside before the bell rang and they started brawling. Reigns sent McIntyre into the barrier and then brought him into the ring. They brawled as the bell rang. The Best in the World looked on as Reigns mounted McIntyre with right hands in the corner. Reigns clotheslined McIntyre over the top to the floor.

Shane checked on Drew as Reigns runs the ropes, leaping out to take McIntyre down on the floor. Shane just avoided being hit. The Big Dog chased him through the crowd. They came back to the ringside area, and McIntyre knocked Roman out in mid-air. McIntyre sent Reigns shoulder-first into the steel steps and then brought him back into the ring. The Scottish Psychopath hit a big overhead throw for a close two count on Reigns. Shane got cheap shots in on Reigns while Drew distracted the referee.

McIntyre kept Roman grounded with the offense and covered for two counts. The referee warned Shane McMahon. McIntyre mounted Reigns with strikes. Shane involved once again, allowing Drew to hit a Spinebuster for two counts. McIntyre hit another big Suplex for two counts. McIntyre kept Reigns grounded. The Big Dog tried to mount offense but Drew rocked him with a clothesline, and they both were down. Reigns kicked out at two. Finally, Reigns caught Drew in a Samoan Drop as Shane looked on worried.

Reigns mounted offense and sent Drew into the corner. He stunned McIntyre with big clotheslines as the fans counted along. Reigns hit a massive boot to the face.  He called for the Superman Punch, but Shane jumped on the apron. Reigns knocked Shane off instead. The Big Dog ran around the ring and hit a Superman Punch off the steps on Shane. The Scottish Psychopath came over, and Reigns ended up missing a Drive By.

McIntyre grabbed Reigns by his legs and catapulted him face-first into an announce table. He brought Roman back into the ring and drove him into the mat. McIntyre covered for two counts. He ended up taking Roman to the corner and climbing up for a Superplex. Reigns rocked him up top. Finally, McIntyre hits a Superplex, but Reigns kicks out at two. Reigns avoided a Claymore Kick but Drew kicked out of backslide. McIntyre dropped Reigns with a Glasgow Kick headbutt.

The Scottish Psychopath climbed back to the top, but Reigns leveled him in mid-air with a Superman Punch. McIntyre still kicks out at 2. Reigns readied for a Spear, but McIntyre kicked him. They tangled, and Reigns nailed a big Spear for a two count as Shane pulled the referee out of the squared circle. The referee got his knee injured on the floor. Shane hit the ring and attacked Reigns, positioning him in the corner. He climbed to the top and hit a Coast 2 Coast, barely connecting.

Shane dragged Reigns into the middle of the ring, and McIntyre covered. The Best in the World brought the original referee into the ring, but Roman kicked out at two. Shane and McIntyre couldn’t believe it. McIntyre stalked him in the squared circle. Yelling at Roman, McIntyre charged for Claymore, but The Big Dog nails a Superman Punch instead. Shane charged but Reigns sent him back to the floor. Reigns followed up with a big Spear to McIntyre for the pin to win.


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