Roman Reigns entered the men’s locker room and told everyone to leave, except for Buddy Murphy. He questioned Murphy about last week’s forklift accident and last night’s attempted car accident. Though Reigns saw him on the footage and thought he did it or saw who did it, Murphy doesn’t know. The Big Dog said he’s going to ask one more time.

However, he threatened Murphy, and they stared each other down. But Murphy insisted he doesn’t know who did it – even if he did he wouldn’t tell Reigns a damn thing. Reigns attacked Murphy and beat him around the locker room, asking who did it. Finally, Murphy gave a name – Rowan. Murphy said he didn’t see Bryan, just Rowan. Thus, The Big Dog let Murphy go.

We saw Bryan and Rowan standing in the ring, watching the big screen.

The Big Dog’s Reaction

Roman Reigns eventually found that Rowan is his alleged attacker after questioning Buddy Murphy. Initially, Murphy was spotted at the spot of the accident last week. Reigns has brutally beaten Murphy on the SmackDown men’s locker room. Finally, Murphy revealed that he didn’t see Bryan at the spot of the mishap but certainly saw Rowan lurking around.

Further, Reigns took to his Twitter handle in the aftermath to SmackDown Live. The Big Dog has sent out a warning to Eric Rowan. Reigns stated that he didn’t have a problem in beating a confession out of Murphy. Also, he certainly wouldn’t have any problems in beating an explanation and apology out Rowan.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan haven’t still updated regarding the attacks on Roman Reigns. Nonetheless, it’ll be fascinating to see which side the storyline turns. We still have to find out which role Buddy Murphy has to play in this.


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