The Big Dog vanquished King Corbin inside an unforgiving steel cage.

The Steel Cage structure was lowered around the ring. King Baron Corbin came out, carried to the ring on his caravan. Roman Reigns was out next to a big pop. Reigns was carrying a small chain in his hand. The pyro went off as The Big Dog headed to the cage. Reigns locked the cage to prevent anyone from going through the door and put the key in his pocket. Corbin attacked Reigns from behind before they really start. He worked Reigns around and launched him face-first into the steel.

Fans tried to rally for Reigns as Corbin kept control. Corbin ended up climbing the cage but Reigns was right behind him. Reigns delivered shots to the back. Reigns climbed to the top. They switched positions as Corbin climbed for Reigns. Corbin went for a big powerbomb to the mat from up high but Reigns unloaded on him with strikes. Reigns got the upperhand and dropped Corbin for a two count from the top. He unloaded in the corner while fans counted along. Corbin ran into a big boot.

Reigns delivered more big clotheslines in the corner while fans counted with him. He went for a Superman Punch but Corbin blocked it. Reigns avoided a chokeslam but Corbin came right back with a Deep Six for a close two count. Corbin went for the key in Reigns’ pants but Reigns stopped him. More back and forth as they tangled. Corbin drove Reigns back into the mat for another two count. He finally got the key from Reigns’ pocket. Corbin kept Reigns down and yelled for the door to be opened.

A referee opened it and Corbin crawled but Reigns slammed the door into his head. They tangled some more and Reigns couldn’t hit the Superman Punch again as Corbin chokeslams him for another close two count. Corbin wrapped the chain around his fist. He mocked Reigns and went for a Superman Punch of his own but Reigns blocked it and leveled Corbin for a close two count. Both superstars went down again. Corbin got up first and slowly started climbing the cage.

Reigns came from behind but Corbin hit elbows. He climbed up and meet Corbin at the top of the cage. They both sat on top of the cage and traded big shots. Reigns went over the top of the cage and hung on but Corbin dragged him back over and stopped him. More back and forth until Reigns brought Corbin back down and crotched him on the top rope. Reigns hit a big Superman Punch, and another while Corbin was trapped on top between the cage and the ropes. Reigns went on and hit a big Superman Punch with the chain around his fist to get the win.

Result: Roman Reigns def. King Corbin

After the match, The Big Dog stood tall over Corbin. The referee checked on Corbin. Reigns exited the cage and greeted fans at ringside while making his exit. Reigns posed on the ramp again as the fireworks went off.


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