Daniel Bryan made his way out for tonight’s big Triple Threat. The winner of this match will go on to face WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt at the 2020 Royal Rumble PPV. King Corbin was out next as Greg Hamilton did the introductions. Corbin was carried out on his caravan. He took the mic, and stopped the music. Corbin addressed Bryan while Bryan was looking on from the ring. He said we’re going to do SmackDown his way.

Corbin knocked the fans as bottom-feeders, and said they are jealous of his career. He went on and said Bryan and The Miz are both bad fathers. Corbin said Bryan should just step aside. The King said he deserves the next title shot because he’s defeated Roman Reigns twice since he returned – something no one else has done. Corbin kept ranting about how he’s the only one who can beat The Fiend.

However, the boos got louder. Corbin continued to rant until the music of Reigns hit. The King’s servants freaked out at the sound of Reigns’ music. They dropped his caravan, sending Corbin falling to the floor at ringside. Reigns then came out, and unloaded. The Big Dog beat Corbin around the ringside area while fans were cheering him on. Reigns called for a Spear at ringside while waiting for Corbin to get up.

So, WWE officials and referees ran down, and calm Reigns down a bit. Corbin retreated and his servants were also gone. The Big Dog stood tall, and looked out at the crowd while his music started back up.  After the break, we saw what just happened. We went backstage to see King Corbin yelling at WWE Producer Adam Pearce, and referees. He mentioned something about putting off tonight’s Triple Threat.


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