Roman Reigns came out to a pop. The Big Dog stopped on the stage and punched the ground for the pyro to go off. Reigns got a pop while taking the mic. He knew it’s a day late, but if you have leftovers in the refrigerator, then it’s still the day. Reigns wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. He went on about having family and good health this year. Reigns said it’s an absolute blessing. He thanked everyone, and fans cheered him on.

Reigns said he has a lot to be thankful for because Team SmackDown kicked some ass at Survivor Series. The Big Dog said he didn’t do it on his own. So, a chant for WWE NXT started to break out. Some fans booed Reigns. He said it’s all WWE, it’s all one, but NXT didn’t get the job done like SmackDown did. Team NXT actually dominated the night. Reigns went on to thank his partners – Shorty G, Mustafa Ali, and Braun Strowman. He said they had one dummy on the team, and we know who it was.

Reigns wanted to bring the dummy out to apologize, and fans agreed. However, the music hits, and King Baron Corbin came out. Corbin went on taking shots at Reigns and talking about how he’s better than Reigns. Plus, why as a King he had a better Thanksgiving than everyone else. Corbin went on and revealed that he has someone to punish Reigns tonight. So, the music hit, and Corbin brought out the opponent for Reigns – Robert Roode.

Roman Reigns vs. Robert Roode

Roman Reigns looked on from the ring while Robert Roode was making his way out. Dolph Ziggler was out at ringside with King Corbin. Roode and Reigns went at it. Roode got the upperhand first and showed off while fans booing him. He talked trash to Reigns. They locked up again, and Roode applied a headlock. Reigns fought back, and Roode went to the floor for a breather with Corbin.

Roode turned it back around after a distraction by Ziggler, beating Reigns down in the corner. Reigns fought out of the corner with big right hands to Roode. He mounted Roode in the opposite corner and worked him over while fans were counting along. Roode kicked him and climbed to the top, but Reigns knocked him off to the floor in front of Corbin. Reigns ran around the ring while fans chanting his name, hitting the Drive-By to Roode.

Ziggler and Corbin encouraged Roode to get up. Corbin and Reigns had words while Corbin taunting him. Reigns rolled Roode back in. Ziggler distracted Reigns on the apron, allowing Roode to knock him off the apron into the announce table. Roode dropped Reigns spine-first on the edge of the announce table. Ziggler, Corbin, and Roode laughed at Reigns while he was down.

Roode launched Reigns into the barricade and returned to the ring. He went back out and rammed Reigns back into the barrier once again. Roode returned to the ring while the referee was counting Reigns, who was flat on his back. Reigns made a comeback with clotheslines. He unloaded in the corner while fans counting along. Reigns leveled Roode with a big boot in the middle of the ring. Corbin and Reigns had words as fans got loud for Reigns.

Ziggler provided another distraction from the apron. Roode dodged a Superman Punch and rolled Reigns for a two count. He hit a Blockbuster from the second rope. Reigns kick out at two. Roode, Ziggler, and Corbin showed frustration. Reigns blocked the Glorious DDT and countered Roode, turning it into a big sitdown powerbomb for a two count. Fans chanted for Reigns while he was playing to the crowd.

Reigns called for another Superman Punch, but Ziggler pulled Roode to safety. He went out and leapt off the steel steps, hitting Ziggler with a Superman Punch. Roode sent Reigns into the ring post and then to the steel steps. He brought it back into the ring and climbed to the top. Reigns got up, and Roode jumped from the top, but Reigns knocked him out of the air with a Superman Punch for a big pop. Roode still kicked out at two, and Reigns was surprised.

Reigns played to the crowd for a pop as he got back up. He called for it in the corner and went for a Spear, but Roode turned it into a Spinebuster for pin attempt. Roode nodded at Corbin and Corbin slid his scepter in. He sneaked around the referee and grabbed it. Corbin distracted the referee, allowing Roode to swing the scepter. Reign rocked Roode with a punch and then rocked Corbin off the apron with a Superman Punch while Corbin was arguing with the referee. Roode swung the scepter, but Reigns ducked and hit a Spear for the pin to win.

Result: Roman Reigns def. Robert Roode

After the match, Reigns stood tall. Suddenly, Ziggler attacked Reigns from behind and beat him down. Ziggler cranked up for the superkick, but Reigns caught it and turned it into a Samoan Drop. He retreated to the floor. Corbin came in, but Reigns blocked him and sent him into the corner. Further, Roode came in with a scepter shot to the back, dropping Reigns. He mounted Reigns for boos. Roode went to the timekeeper’s area for a steel chair. He brought it in while Corbin watching from the ramp.

Roode entered the ring with the chair. He stood the chair up and grabbed the scepter. Roode grabbed Reigns and put his head down on the seat of the chair. He yelled in Reigns’ face and went to hit him with the scepter, but Reigns moved and knocked him out of the ring with a Superman Punch. Corbin watched from the ramp. Reigns looked at the chair and saw how the scepter put a big dent in it. That did something emotionally to Reigns. He exited the ring and ran around, driving Roode through the barrier.

Reigns snapped on Roode and threw part of the barrier at him then threw some of the announcer chairs on top of that. He grabbed half of the steel steps and swung them at Ziggler as he approached, knocking him over the barrier for another pop. Reigns powered up and lifted the announce table up, flipping it over on Roode and the other debris he was under. Reigns checked out the destruction with Roode. Corbin looked on, and Reigns looked back at him.


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