King Corbin came out to the stage with a mic and he was still pissed. Corbin said his crown makes him king. Everyone needs to bow down and listen to what the king has to say. Corbin said Roman Reigns lost last week just like your sorry San Francisco 49ers lost to his Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. He went on about how Reigns can’t do anything without The Usos.

Corbin asked when The Usos will realize they’re carrying dead weight. He said if Reigns is as tough as he says he is. They would’ve fought one-on-one at the Royal Rumble instead of getting help. He said then he would’ve won their Falls Count Anywhere match, then the Royal Rumble main event, and he would be the one headlining WrestleMania 36. Corbin said as our king, he demands one more match with Reigns.

While speaking from the bottom of the ramp, Corbin said he’s the king of SmackDown and this show is going nowhere until he got Reigns in the ring. So, fans continued to boo him. Corbin taunted a fan at ringside, who was wearing a Reigns t-shirt. Reigns took a drink from the guy and poured it over his head. Corbin asked for another drink from a fan to pour over this same guy but the music hit and Reigns came out to a pop.

Reigns ran down the ramp and nailed a Superman Punch on Corbin. He sent Corbin into the barrier and then the steel ring steps, and again. Reigns nailed a Drive By. He brought Corbin into the ring but Corbin immediately retreated to the floor. Fans booed as Corbin scrambled through the crowd and out of the arena. Reigns took the mic in the ring and called Corbin back but he was not coming.

The Bog Dog called Corbin a coward. Reigns said if the coward wants one more match, he can have it. He told Corbin to have “his boys” stay at home because they’re going to do it in a Steel Cage. Fans popped as Reigns dropped the mic. Reigns exited the ring and greeted fans at ringside, including the fan he made the save for.


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