Michael Cole was in the ring, hyping WrestleMania 36. He brought out Roman Reigns first for a WrestleMania 36 contract signing. Cole brought out WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg next, and he got some pyro. Goldberg entered the ring and placed the title on the table while they stared each other down. Cole asked them to take their seats but they tossed the chairs out of the ring and continued staring each other down. He asked Goldberg who he expected to answer his recent challenge.

Goldberg actually hoped it would be Reigns, but didn’t think Reigns had the balls to challenge him. Cole asked Reigns why he accepted. Reigns said he’s been fortunate because all the greats, from John Cena to The Undertaker, have challenged him but they all fell. He said Goldberg will be no different. Cole asked Reigns about a recent shot he took at Goldberg on Twitter and his headbutt. Reigns said Goldberg is nothing but a little b***h bulldog in his yard, holding his title he never earned.

The Bog Dog signed the contract while Goldberg stared at him. Goldberg called him a punk. He also said he’s been destroying steel doors all over the world with his headbutt and come WrestleMania, Reigns will be his next victim. Goldberg signed the contract and handed the folder to Cole. He picked the title up and flipped the table. They both met in the middle of the ring and stared each other down. Finally, SmackDown on FOX went off the air.


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