Roderick Strong made his way out and he’s all serious tonight while fans were chanting for The Velveteen Dream. He addressed Dream’s return last week and he wants to fight tonight. Strong went on and said this is about he and Dream, about how he put Strong’s wife and son on his gear. He said that was so disrespectful and he should’ve known it wouldn’t take Dream long to cross the line and make it personal. Strong said he will hurt Dream and do something he will not regret. He demanded an apology and fans booed.

However, the music interrupted and Bronson Reed came out instead. Reed said they have a problem for what happened last week, and they’re going to get it on. He rushed the ring and Roderick Strong fought back. They brawled around the ring to get things going. Back and forth between the two until they went into the corner. Strong delivered a big chop and more offense. Reed fought out with a headbutt. Reed continued to overpower Strong around the ring. He hit a big sideslam. Reed fought Strong back into a corner with another headbutt.

Strong fought back with strikes. He delivered more chops. Strong tried to mount Reed in the corner but Reed dropped him. Reed pulled at Strong’s mouth against the ropes while the referee warned him. Fans chanted for Reed as he continued to keep Strong down with big clubbing shots. Strong got whipped hard into the corner and he went down while fans were cheering for Reed. Reed continued to focus on Strong’s back, keeping him grounded. He hit another big whip into the turnbuckles. Strong went down but kicked out at two.

Reed grounded Strong with a body lock. Strong tried to fight back but Reed leveled him again. Reed lifted Strong for a vertical suplex and held him in the air for almost 30 seconds, turning it into a Brainbuster for a big pop. After the break, they’re going at it. They traded shots in the middle of the ring but Reed continued to shut down Strong’s comeback attempts. Reed hit a corner clothesline and a back splash in the corner for a two count. Strong slide out of a move but Reed went on and hit the King Kong lariat for a close two count.

Reed caught Strong in a big powerslam and then nailed a senton. Reed dropped his straps and climbed to the top but Strong jumped up with a forearm to the head. Strong climbed up and they traded shots. Reed sent Strong down but he came back with the enziguri. Strong climbed back up for the superplex and finally hit it while a “holy s**t!” chant broke out. Strong covered for a close two count. Reed went out to re-group but Strong dropkicked him through the ropes. Strong dropped his knee pad and looked to go back in to put Reed away but The Velveteen Dream’s entrance looked to start up.

The music didn’t hit but Dream’s presence was definitely there. Strong was distracted at ringside. He turned around to Reed hitting a big suicide dive on the floor. Reed brought Strong back in and climbed to the top for the Frogsplash. Strong caught Reed on the way down with a big knee strike and covered for the pin to win. After the match, Dream appeared on the big screen as Strong stood tall in the ring. He brought up Strong’s wife, Marina Shafir, and showed how he has “Call Me Marina” on his tights.

Dream went on about how Strong took something from him. Strong may have lost the North American Title already, but he still has a family. Dream showed a photo of Strong’s wife and son on the big screen. He wondered what would happen if something happen to Strong. Dream promised that if something did happen to Strong. Someone somewhere would make sure Shafir had all of her dreams fulfilled. Dream showed how he has Strong’s family painted on his tights again. Strong was furious as he stormed out of the ring to the back.


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