Can Roderick Strong solve the black-and-gold brand’s most chilling Superstar when he steps in the ring with Lumis?

Roderick Strong came out with NXT Champion Adam Cole and Bobby Fish. Cole and Fish returned to the back while Strong headed to the ring. Dexter Lumis was out next as Alicia Taylor did the introductions.

The bell rang and they went at it. Lumis took Strong to the ropes and the referee backed him off. Strong ended up going to the floor for a breather. Strong came back in and went for a takedown but Lumis fought it and blocked it. He went behind but Lumis took him down with a headlock. Strong was upset as he went back to the floor for a breather. He ran back in but Lumis took him down face-first. Lumis rocked Strong with punches and slammed him in the middle of the ring. He hit the ropes and nailed a leg drop.

Lumis hit a running shoulder in the corner. Strong hit a knee and another and unloaded on Lumis into the corner. Lumis ran into a big boot in the corner. Strong hit another big right hand. Lumis came back and nailed a running bulldog. Strong went back out for a breather. Lumis followed and kicked him. Strong kicked back. He returned to the ring but Lumis grabbed his leg. Strong kicked him away. They traded shots on the floor until Strong slammed him on the edge of the apron with a backbreaker. The referee kept counting.

Strong nailed big power moves into the corner. He hit a Pendulum backbreaker for a two count. Strong grounded Lumis with an abdominal stretch. Lumis stared at Strong but Strong worked him over while he’s down. He turned the spook factor up but Strong kept him down. Lumis rocked Strong and they traded big punches. He dropped Strong with a forearm. Strong blocked a shot with a knee, then nailed the Olympic Slam in the middle of the ring. Lumis powered out at two and Strong showed frustration.

Strong kept Lumis down with more punches and boots. He stomped while Lumis was down. Lumis blocked the Strong Hold and kicked Strong away with a shot to the face. They traded more shots on their feet and Strong took back control. Lumis blocked the Olympic Slam and hit a Thesz Press. He kept control with big right hands and a big uppercut. Lumis back-dropped Strong across the ring. He rocked Strong and hit a slingshot suplex with the top rope but Strong still kicked out at two.

They both got up and traded strikes. Lumis ran into a boot and another to send him down. Strong delivered a chop while Lumis was on his knees. Lumis just rubbed his chest after each strike, apparently enjoying the punishment. Strong unloaded with rights while Lumis was on his knees still. Lumis caught Strong with a big Spinebuster out of nowhere. Strong fought Lumis off and dropped him again. He countered on the mat and rolled Lumis into a pin out of nowhere for the win.

RESULT: Roderick Strong def. Dexter Lumis

Post- match, Strong jumped up and went to the floor to celebrate, right next to the ring. Lumis grabbed him from the ring and applied the Kata Gatame submission. They tumbled to the floor with the hold still applied. Lumis won’t let go. Cole and Fish ran down to make the save but The Velveteen Dream attacked them before they can do anything. Cole gets dropped on the concrete on the other side of the barrier. Dream climbed to the top rand hit a huge flying elbow, nailing it perfectly on Cole and the concrete. He went back over the barrier to the steel steps, posing while selling the elbow from the top. Lumis sat up with Strong on the ground, petting him as Dream posed.


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