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Ricochet won a Triple Threat to earn the right to challenge WWE Champion Brock Lesnar


RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins came out for tonight’s main event. Rollins took the mic and called on fans to give it up for his partner Buddy Murphy and AOP for their win earlier tonight. Fans booed instead and Rollins thanked them. Rollins said now it’s his time, his time to dethrone WWE Champion Brock Lesnar again. Fans booed and Rollins said he said the same thing last year but a different response. How quickly things change around here. He recalled beating Lesnar for the Universal Title last year.

Rollins went on about Lesnar and Drew McIntyre until the music hit and Ricochet came out. The winner of this match will challenge Brock Lesnar for WWE title at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia this month. Bobby Lashley was out next. Everyone went at it to start. Rollins hit an early Slingblade on Ricochet. He knocked Lashley out of the ring. Rollins drove Ricochet into the mat for a two count. Lashley came back in and dominated both competitors.

Ricochet mounted offense and dropkicked Lashley out to the floor. He dropped Lashley on the floor after flying out. Ricochet did the same on the other side, taking Rollins down for another big pop. He brought Rollins back into the ring but Buddy Murphy ran down and shoved Ricochet off. The referee saw this but there were no disqualifications. Akam and Rezar also ran down, double teaming Lashley at ringside while fans booed. Rollins was all smiles as his troops took out the opponents, in and out of the ring.

The music hit and Kevin Owens came out. Murphy ran up but Owens took him down on the stage. Erik of The Viking Raiders hit the ring from behind and he attacked but the numbers game caught up. Owens delivered steel chair shots to AOP at ringside. Erik also had steel chair shots for AOP. Rollins looked on from the ring while Erik and Owens were beating AOP through the crowd.  Ricochet and Rollins went at it in the ring. They traded big strikes in the middle.

Lashley came in and thrust into Ricochet’s gut. He unloaded on Rollins and drove him down into the mat. Lashley hit a running clothesline and thrust into the corner on Rollins. He looked to put Rollins away but Ricochet flew in and took him down. Ricochet mounted offense on Rollins, playing to the crowd for a pop. He kicked Lashley away and flew in, putting Rollins back down. Ricochet nailed the Standing Shooting Star Press on Rollins but Lashley broke the pin up.

Lashley drove them both back into the mat and went for a two count on Rollins. Rollins slide out of a move and rocked Lashley with an elbow. He climbed to the top and hit a super Blockbuster but Ricochet broke the pin up just in time. Rollins climbed to the top but Ricochet dropped him with an enziguri. Ricochet climbed up for a superplex but Lashley joined in. Lashley hit the super superplex as all three crashed down at once. Rollins rolled out of the ring while fans were chanting “this is awesome!”

Lashley and Ricochet tangled some more. Ricochet climbed to the top and hit the super 630 on Lashley while fans cheering him on. He covered for the pin to win and earn the title shot. After the match, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar immediately rushed down to the ring and dropped Ricochet with the F5 before he can even begin celebrating the win. Fans booed and cheered as Lesnar stood over Ricochet, hyped up, raising the WWE Title in the air. RAW went off the air with Ricochet vs. Lesnar confirmed for Saudi Arabia while The Beast stood over his challenger.



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