The #1 contender to the WWE Title – Ricochet came out first. Mike Rome did the introductions. We got a quick promo for Ricochet. Also, the announcers hyped his match with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at Super ShowDown on Thursday. The OC – Luke Gallows was out next with AJ Styles and Karl Anderson. The bell rang and they went at it. Ricochet sent Gallows out early on and then nailed a big dive for a pop. He brought Gallows back in and springboarded at him but Gallows knocked him out of the air with a big boot. Gallows dropped an elbow and worked Ricochet over in the corner.

We saw Paul Heyman backstage watching the match but no sign of the WWE Champion yet. Gallows hit a big backbreaker on Ricochet for a two count. He continued to dominate Ricochet for another two count. Gallows dropped big strikes on Ricochet while he was down to the mat. Ricochet tried to fight up and out. He nailed a jawbreaker. Gallows came back with a kick to the gut. Ricochet fought out of a suplex. He hit two kicks to bring Gallows down to the mat.

They got up and Gallows ran into more kicks. Ricochet delivered a forearm shot and another. He ducked a right hand and nailed a big crossbody off the middle rope. Ricochet hit the standing Shooting Star Press for a close two count. He tried to scoop Gallows on his shoulders but Gallows beat on him and dropped him with a superkick. Moreover, they tangled some and Ricochet nailed a superkick, and then the Recoil. Ricochet climbed to the top and hit the big Shooting Star Press across the ring for the pin to win.

After the match, WWE Resident Superhero celebrated. We saw Heyman backstage watching again as Ricochet made his exit.


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