The bell hit, and Ricochet fought off Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton. Drew McIntyre got involved but ended up dumped to the floor. Rey and Ricochet went at it back in the ring. Ricochet and Rey double dropkicked Orton back to the floor. Drew ended up catching Ricochet and driving him hard out on the floor. Orton then manhandled Rey and sent him out onto Ricochet. Drew and Orton double teamed Ricochet in the ring. McIntyre chopped Ricochet while Orton was holding him. He nailed a big suplex on Ricochet.

Orton and Drew continued to double team Ricochet in the corner. Rey came back in, but they shut him down and Drew sent him out to the floor. Orton and Drew went back to working on Ricochet in the corner. Ricochet fought off Drew and unloaded in the corner. Orton also got dropped. Ricochet came off the top on Drew but landed on his feet. Orton levelled Ricochet. Rey came back in and took out Drew. Orton also got sent to the floor. Rey and Ricochet traded shots in the corner while Ricochet was on the apron.

Rey and Ricochet went to the top. Ricochet shoved Rey to the apron. Drew rocked Ricochet and stomped Rey. He climbed up for a superplex on Ricochet, but Rey rocked him. Ricochet knocked Drew upside down in the corner. Rey pounded on Ricochet while Drew was upside down. Orton came over and shoved Ricochet from the top to the floor on the outside. He climbed up for a superplex on Rey but Drew pulled himself up and sent them both to the mat. All three were down on the mat while Ricochet was down on the floor.

The OC came walking out from the stage to ringside for watching while fans booed them. Drew beat on Ricochet in the ring. He slapped Ricochet and talked some trash. Ricochet fought back and nailed a kick to the head. Orton ran in, but Ricochet nailed kicks to him as well. Ricochet charged but Orton sent him to the apron for the draping DDT. Orton nailed it for a two count as Drew broke the pin. Drew and Orton had words in the middle of the ring. McIntyre hit a big chop to the chest. Orton lost his breath for a few seconds but fired back with a chop of his own.

Drew delivered another huge chop to the chest, much harder and louder than Orton. The Viper hit a poke to the eyes instead. He unloaded on Drew into the corner with uppercuts. Drew nailed a Glasgow Kiss headbutt out of nowhere to drop Orton. Ricochet flew in to take Drew down and then hit a standing Shooting Star Press. He kicked Rey back out with a dropkick. Ricochet countered Drew for an inverted hurricanrana, but it’s blocked. He blocked the Alabama Slam for a roll-up and a two count.

Drew countered Ricochet with another slam. He nailed a big sitdown powerbomb for another close two count on Ricochet. Drew waited for Ricochet to get up. He went for a Claymore, but Orton ran in with a big RKO. Drew kicked out at two as The OC pulled Orton out and sent him into the barricade. Rey flew in the ring, but Ricochet caught him. They tangled. Ricochet caught a moonsault but Rey turned it into a roll-up for the pin to become #1 contender.

Result: #1 contender for US title – Rey Mysterio

After the match, The OC watched from ringside while Rey was standing tall to his music. Styles liked the result of the match. He applauded, laughed and pointed at Rey.



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