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Ricochet defeated Elias on RAW after SummerSlam

Elias was tired of being interrupted by Superstars. This cames after WWE Hall of Famer Edge hit him with a Spear at SummerSlam. Elias wanted to get the interruption out of the way tonight. He called on the attacker to come out, but no one came. So, Elias announced that this is the first uninterrupted Elias performance. He started playing his new song, but the music interrupted, and Ricochet came out.

Ricochet took the mic and said people aren’t interrupting Elias because it’s the cool thing to do, they interrupt because he sucks. Meanwhile, fans popped. He took a shot at Ricochet for dressing like comic book characters and not knowing what’s cool.  Elias said he would embarrass Ricochet tonight in the squared circle. Therefore, he called for a referee, and once ran down to the ring.

The bell rang, and they went at it. Ricochet ducked and took Elias down for a two count. Elias took Ricochet to the corner and unloaded, beating him down. Ricochet tried to fight back, but Elias hit a big chop. Elias nailed a massive backdrop and covered for a two count. Elias talked some trash and kept Ricochet grounded. Ricochet fought up, but Elias took him right back down with a headlock. He fought back up, but Elias sent him into the corner. Elias ran into boots. Ricochet went on and dropped Elias with a big dropkick.

Further, they got up and traded big strikes and then tangled. Ricochet dropped Elias with a kick to the head, sending him to the floor. He ran the ropes and leaped out, but Elias moved. Ricochet landed hard on the floor on his back. Elias brought it back into the ring and grabbed his guitar. However, the referee stopped him from swinging it. Elias put the guitar in the corner and turned back around to a big kick to the head from Ricochet. He stumbled to the top rope, but Elias went for the guitar. Finally, Ricochet leaped from the top and jumped into a roll-up for the three counts.

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