Before the match, Sarah Schreiber was backstage with Ricochet. She asked how he feels going into his Showcase match with Apollo Crews. Ricochet said if he gets drafted to SmackDown this week, this would be his last RAW appearance. Also, there’s no one he’d instead share the ring with than a legit best friend in Crews. Ricochet went on about he’s always ready to prove that superheroes can be real. He walked off.

Ricochet made his way out to the squared circle. After the break, the bell rang while Apollo Crews came out. They went at it to start and traded moves and counters.  Both superstars landed on their feet at one point and stood tall for a pop from the crowd. So, they shook hands and went at it again. Crews knocked Ricochet out of the ring with a shoulder. Crews delivered a moonsault off the apron, but Ricochet ran in. Ricochet did the same sequence.

They went on and brought it back in after more back and forth. Crews landed a big dropkick for a close pin attempt. He clubbed Ricochet to the mat. Crews lifted Ricochet for a suplex and held him in the air for a minute. Ricochet fought back with shots to the gut. Ricochet countered with an arm drag. He fought in from the apron and springboarded with a flying clothesline. Ricochet hit a standing Shooting Star Press for a two count. He climbed to the top but forced to roll through on the landing.

Crews fought and nailed an Enziguri. He hit a standing moonsault for a close pin attempt. Crews lifted Ricochet, but he slid out. Ricochet went on and hit the Recoil for the pin to win. After the match, Ricochet stood tall while his music hit.


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