Ricochet came out and took the mic and said it’s not going to go down like that tonight. He said Andrade did this to Humberto Carrillo and Rey Mysterio but if Andrade wants a fight, fight Ricochet now. Ricochet dropped the mic and waited in the ring for a fight while Vega and Andrade were talking on the apron. After the break, this non-title match was underway as they went at it. Andrade nailed a huge dropkick off another distraction by Zelina Vega. He kept control in the ring while Vega exposed the concrete again on the floor.

Andrade kept Ricochet down and stood tall, showing off. Fans booed him but Vega cheered him on. Andrade applied a unique submission in the middle of the ring. Ricochet slid out and rolled Andrade for a two count, and another. He looked to make a comeback. Ricochet dropkicked Andrade out to the floor. Ricochet ran and leapt over, sending them both into the barrier. The referee counted as they were both down on the floor. Ricochet brought it back in but Andrade rolled out to the floor on the opposite side. So, fans booed him.

Ricochet came over but Andrade rammed him back into the barrier as Vega watched. Andrade rammed Ricochet back into the apron. He brought Ricochet to the exposed concrete but Ricochet fought back with a forearm. Vega provided another distraction as Ricochet charged but Andrade back-dropped him onto the exposed concrete. Andrade had Ricochet down in the ring. Ricochet fought up from the mat but Andrade chopped him. He came back with a big enziguri.

Ricochet mounted more offense and hit a dropkick out of the corner. He played to the crowd while they were cheering him on. Ricochet nailed the standing Shooting Star Press but Andrade still kicked out at two. Andrade grabbed Vega’s hand from the ring as Ricochet tried to drag him to the center. He blocked the Recoil with a shot to the throat. They traded more big shots. Andrade leveled Ricochet with a big elbow but Ricochet still kicked out at two. Vega and Andrade were frustrated.

Andrade went for the Hammerlock DDT but it was blocked. Ricochet rolled Andrade for a two count. Andrade missed a big shot but Ricochet superkicked him. Ricochet drove Andrade down into the mat again. He climbed to the top but Vega got involved and shoved him from the top. Ricochet landed hard on the mat. Andrade nailed the Hammerlock DDT in the middle of the ring as Vega screamed at ringside. Andrade covered for the pin to win.

Result: United States Champion Andrade def. Ricochet

After the match, Andrade and Vega took the title to the ramp to celebrate as the music hit. Ricochet looked on from the ring as Andrade and Vega stood tall on the ramp.


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