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Ricochet achieved the impossible by pinning Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley came out first with Lana. Charly was backstage with Ricochet, asking about Lashley’s threats from earlier. Ricochet wasn’t concerned and said he has never backed down from a fight, and doesn’t plan to start now. He has dreamed of being the WWE Champion for 17 years. Nothing will stop him from the biggest opportunity of his career, nothing will stop him from walking, crawling or limping into Super ShowDown. The music hit and Ricochet came out to the ring.

The bell rang and Ricochet attacked in the corner. Ricochet kept trying to mount offense but Lashley dropped him in the corner. He used some of his speed to get over on Lashley but Lashley dropped him with ease using a shoulder. Lashley pressed Ricochet high over his head but he slide out. Lashley still dropped him. Ricochet fought back with kicks after they tangled near the apron. He ended up kicking Lashley to the floor. Ricochet ran the ropes and hit a big suicide dive.

Ricochet brought Lashley back into the ring but he fought back. He tossed Lashley back to the floor. Ricochet ran and leapt out again, taking Lashley back down. More back and forth after the break. Ricochet kept fighting and landed another big kick. Lashley ended up launching Ricochet into the top of the ring post. Ricochet fell out to the floor and landed hard. Lana cheered Lashley on. Lashley followed to the floor and worked Ricochet over against the barrier, keeping him down.

Lashley picked Ricochet back up and tossed him into the barrier while Lana was applauding. He brought it back into the ring. Lashley nailed a suplex for a two count. He grounded Ricochet in the middle of the ring. Ricochet tried to get up but Lashley kept hitting him with big knees to the gut. He fought back and dropped Lashley with an enziguri. Ricochet kept fighting and sent Lashley to the corner but Lashley was still standing. He hit a kick to the face.

Ricochet dropkicked Lashley into the corner. He went on and hit a big crossbody from up high, then a running standing Shooting Star Press but Lashley still kicked out at two. Ricochet scooped Lashley when he got up but Lashley clubbed his way right out. Lashley dumped Ricochet to the mat after blocking a few shots. He overpowered again and hit a massive Spinebuster in the middle of the ring.

Ricochet somehow kicked out and Lashley couldn’t believe it. Lashley hit a big forearm to the back. He took Ricochet to the top for a back superplex but Ricochet landed on his feet. Everyone was shocked. Ricochet unloaded with kicks in the corner. He climbed to the top while fans were cheering him on. Ricochet hit the 630 from the top for the pin to win. After the match, a furious Lana threw a fit at ringside.

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