WWE United States Champion Rey Mysterio came out first. Humberto Carrillo was out next, followed by Ricochet. We cut backstage to The OC cutting promos on hurting people. The music hit and AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson came out. So, the bell rang for the main event. Humberto went at it with Anderson to start. Carrillo connected first with a kick after they went back and forth for a minute. Anderson kicked out. Ricochet tagged in for a quick double team from the top.

Moreover, they double teamed Anderson some more as Ricochet covered for two. Carrillo tagged back in and kicked Anderson in the corner. Anderson turned it around, and  Styles came in. Carrillo unloaded on AJ with kicks and took him down from the top rope for a two count. AJ talked some trash and landed a cheap shot. AJ worked Carrillo over. They kept tags up until Gallows came in to beat Carrillo down. Gallows kept Carrillo grounded and pounded on him with elbows. Carrillo blocked a suplex and ducked a clothesline but rocked Gallows.

He nailed an enziguri on Gallows. Anderson and Rey tagged in at the same time. Rey flew in and took Anderson down first. He went on and hit a hurricanrana. Gallows came in, but Rey sent him shoulder-first into the ring post. Rey kept control and kicked AJ next. Gallows took a 619. Rey climbed to the top, but AJ pulled him off. He dropped AJ for the 619, but Anderson blocked it and rammed Rey back into the barrier. Rey got launched into the post and was down. Gallows hit a suplex on Rey for a two count. He kept Rey grounded.

In addition, we saw the Tag Team World Cup trophy on display at ringside. Rey fought up and out, but Gallows levelled him with a big boot for another close pin attempt. Anderson tagged back in and kept Rey grounded. Rey fought out again and nailed a back elbow. Rey sent Anderson head-first into the turnbuckle. He tagged in Ricochet as AJ also tagged in. Ricochet unloaded on AJ and hit a head-scissors takedown. He knocked Anderson back to the floor and went back to work on AJ in the corner.

Ricochet springboarded at AJ with a clothesline. He nailed a standing Shooting Star Press on AJ for another close two count. Ricochet went back to the top but landed on his feet to kick Anderson as he approached. They tangled some more. AJ kicked out of a roll-up, sending Ricochet into an Anderson uppercut on the floor. He drove Ricochet down for another close two count. So, AJ argued with the referee. Ricochet blocked a Styles Clash and then followed up with a big Recoil for a two count, but Anderson broke it up.

Rey came in with a 619 to Anderson. Gallows kicked Rey off the apron. Humberto hit a missile dropkick to Gallows. He ran the ropes and leapt out, taking Gallows down against the barrier. AJ went for a Styles Clash, but Ricochet blocked it again with a roll-up for two. He connected with a Pele kick. AJ took Ricochet to the top and climbed up as they traded shots on the top. Anderson charged, but Ricochet sent him to the floor. Ricochet flew off the apron onto Anderson. He climbed back to the top with AJ, but AJ countered in mid-hurricanrana. AJ hit a super Styles Clash on Ricochet for the pin to win.

Result: The OC def. Rey Mysterio, Ricochet & Humberto Carrillo

After the match, AJ stood tall over Ricochet. AJ was all alone, standing tall in the middle of the ring. Randy Orton sneaked into the ring and delivered an RKO out of nowhere to AJ. The Viper hit the corner to pose. Finally, RAW went off the air.


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