Rey Mysterio came out to the ring. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Asuka joined the announcers for commentary. WWE United States Champion Andrade was out next with Zelina Vega for this non-title match. The bell rang and they went at it. Andrade dropped Rey and stomped away while Asuka was making things unbearable on commentary. Rey fought back and took Andrade down with a head scissors.

Andrade distracted the referee, allowing Vega to pull Rey’s leg from the floor. Rey went on and flew from the top but Andrade dropkicked him in mid-air. Andrade took advantage for a close pin attempt. More back and forth until Rey flew in with the seated senton from the apron. He delivered more offense and a big kick to the face for a close two count.

Rey went on keeping control and drops Andrade into position for 619, but Andrade blocked it with a big elbow to the face. Andrade covered for another close two count. Vega and Andrade laughed at Rey.Andrade nailed a snap suplex. He went for the three suplexes but Rey blocked it and ended up hitting the 619. Rey went on with more offense and got the pin for the non-title win.

Rey Mysterio def. United States Champion Andrade

After the match, Vega was shocked as the music hit and Rey started his celebration.


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