The Master of 619 made his in-ring return to battle The Lucha House Party’s Gran Metalik.  The bell rang, and they locked up, trading holds. They broke and locked back up. Mysterio got the upper hand after a back & forth. The back & forth continued while they showed each other up again. Metalik caught Mysterio, but Rey dropped him into the middle rope for a 619. Metalik ducked the 619 and rolled Mysterio up for a two count.

Mysterio and Metalik faced off while Rey seemed impressed or maybe confused. They locked up and went at it again. Mysterio dumped Metalik over the ropes to the floor, landing hard. He ran the ropes and slid under the bottom rope but missed. Mysterio came right back up but Metalik superkicked him to the ground. Metalik went back in and ran the ropes, leaping out to the floor to take Mysterio down. A dive from Metalik stunned The Master of 619.

However, the referee checked on Mysterio at ringside, and it seemed Metalik did as well. Metalik grabbed Mysterio and brought him back into the ring. Also, the announcers speculate on Mysterio being hurt. Metalik brought Rey in and springboarded from the apron for a big senton. Mysterio kicks out at two. Metalik kept control in the ring. Metalik hit chops and more strikes in the corner.

Mysterio sent Metalik face-first into the middle turnbuckle. He climbed to the top and hit the seated senton. Mysterio followed up with the crossbody. He kept going but got dropped, and then hit with a missile dropkick into the corner. Metalik took Mysterio to the top, but Rey fought back. Mysterio delivered a headbutt. Metalik leaped and took Mysterio to the mat on his head for a two count.

Finally, Mysterio ended up hitting the 619 and the big splash for the pin to win. After the match, the legendary superstar stood tall and had his arm raised. Mysterio apparently approached Metalik to help him up. He extended his hand to Metalik and helped him up while fans cheer them on. Metalik bowed and showed respect back to The Master of 619.


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