We got formal ring introductions from Rome while Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles were in the ring. The bell hit, and AJ went right to work on Rey, beating him around the ring. AJ played to the crowd for some boos. Rey tried to fight back, but AJ dropped him with a stiff backbreaker while Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were looking on from ringside. AJ said he can do this all night long. He nailed a snap suplex and talked trash some more. Rey went to the floor for a breather. AJ followed and sent Rey head-first into the barrier while the referee was counting.

Styles delivered a big chop to the chest. He brought Rey back in, but Rey fought back out of a corner. Rey climbed to the top, but AJ knocked his knee out. AJ worked over Rey while he was upside down in a Tree of Woe. He charged with the basement dropkick to the jaw. AJ covered for one count as Rey got his foot on the bottom rope. He talked trash some more. AJ kept Rey grounded with a headlock. Rey fought up and out, but AJ knocked him right back to the mat. AJ was all smiles while some fans were booing him.

Styles used the second rope to choke Rey. He slingshoted Rey under the second rope. Rey blocked suplex attempts and fought back with strikes. He delivered a big shot to the mouth. Rey hit the ropes, but his left knee went out. He worked Styles over while he was stuck in the ropes. Rey ended up countering and sending AJ shoulder-first into the middle turnbuckle. So, the fans tried to rally for Mysterio. AJ got up first and caught a kick. Rey nailed an enziguri. He went for the 619, but Anderson pulled Rey’s leg out, and he went down on the mat.

The referee ejected Anderson and Gallows to the back, and the crowd popped. AJ argued with the referee. Styles rammed Rey, and he went down clutching his arm. He climbed up and worked Rey over in the corner. AJ charged, but Rey moved, and he landed hard with the ring post between his legs. He yelled out in pain. Rey went to the top and flew with a seated senton. He went on and hit a head scissors takedown. Rey mounted AJ in the corner with strikes.

Mysterio ran into a boot in the corner. He came back and countered, then hit the big bulldog for a two count. So, fans chanted “619!” Rey climbed to the top but AJ crotched him. AJ climbed up with Rey for a superplex, but it’s blocked. More back and forth until AJ dropped Rey’s neck over his knee. Rey still kicked out at two. He blocked the Styles Clash. Rey nailed a Destroyer of his own for a two count. He springboarded in and dropped AJ for a 619 for a big pop. Mysterio nailed the 619, but AJ went into the referee, knocking him down.

Rey went over and covered AJ, but the referee was out. Gallows and Anderson rushed the ring and attacked Rey while fans were booing. AJ slowly recovered as Rey got double teamed. Randy Orton ran down and met Gallows at ringside, taking him out, then Anderson. He went in for AJ, but AJ rocked him. AJ springboarded but missed, then Rey dropped him for the 619. Finally, Rey nailed the 619. Orton planted Styles with the RKO. Rey followed up with the Frogsplash on AJ while the referee woke up to count the pin.

Result: New United States Champion – Rey Mysterio

After the match, Mysterio’s celebrated with the title. His son Dominick ran in to celebrate with him.


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