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Rey Mysterio came to Humberto Carrillo’s rescue & defeated Angel Garza via DQ


Humberto Carrillo came out first.  We saw a star from The Biggest Loser at ringside. Carrillo waited in the ring as WWE NXT Superstar Angel Garza made his way out, with Zelina Vega. Carrillo and Garza are cousins. Vega went on about how Carrillo messed with her business. She mentioned Andrade being dropped on the concrete last week and said it’s much worse. Vega said Garza is a former champion, the hottest Latin prospect, and Humberto’s cousin… Angel Garza. So, fans booed them.

They entered the ring and Garza took the mic. He got the “What?!” treatment to begin the promo. Garza talked down at Carrillo and said he’s the leader of their family, so Humberto answered to him. He went on, saying Carrillo disgraced the family, and had the mic snatched from him. Carrillo talked trash in Spanish and Vega slapped him. Garza dropped Carrillo out of nowhere and mounted him. He worked Carrillo over and then dropped him with The Wing Clipper while Vega was barking orders and cheering him on.

So, fans booed Garza after the Clipper. Vega instructed Garza to send Carrillo to the floor. Garza did and sent Carrillo into the steel ring steps. Vega exposed the concrete by pulling the mat back. The music hit and Rey Mysterio came out to make the save. Garza hit the ring with Vega and they taunted Rey. Garza told him to bring it. Rey checked on Humberto. So, fans chanted for the 619. Rey entered the ring and faced off with Garza.

Mysterio and Garza went at it after mind games by Garza. Zelina Vega barked orders from ringside. Garza offered a handshake from his knees but tried to sucker Rey in. Rey wasn’t falling for it. Garza ended up snatching his pants off and tossing them at Rey. He unloaded with kicks. Garza missed a splash in the corner. He yelled at Rey to shake his hand. Garza hit a dropkick. He mounted offense but Rey launched him into the ropes for the 619 but Garza turned it around.

Garza slide out and then took Rey off his feet to the floor, from the apron. He stood over Rey on the floor. Garza kept Rey down while Vega was looking on from ringside. He posed on the ropes and showed off but wasted too much time as he missed a moonsault. Rey looked to capitalize but Garza kicked out at two. He kicked Garza in the face for another two count. They tangled and Rey landed a big DDT for a close two count. Rey flew in with the seated senton. Garza held the leg to slow Rey down. He drove Rey back down with a big knee and Rey barely kicked out in time.

Further, Rey fought off the Wing Clipper and hit a big Sunset Driver. He dropkicked Angel in the back, putting him into position for the 619. Vega saved Garza from a 619 and fans booed her. Rey ran and leapt out, taking Garza down on the floor. Vega taunted Rey while the referee warned her. Rey had words with Vega, allowing Garza to come from the side with a huge superkick to Rey’s face. Garza launched Rey into the barrier. He grabbed Rey and dropped him on the exposed concrete with the Hammerlock DDT.

After the match, fans booed as Vega and Garza stood tall on the outside. Some chanted “you suck!” while Garza and Vega head to the ramp, stopping on the stage to turn around and taunt. We saw referees checking on Rey while he was down on the exposed concrete.



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