Rey Mysterio came out first for the RAW qualifier for the Men’s MITB Ladder Match. Buddy Murphy was out next. Back and forth to start the match. Rey went to the floor to sell a hand injury after Murphy nailed him in the corner. Murphy went out and launched Rey into the barriers a few times. He brought it back in for a close two count. More back and forth between the two. Murphy ended up slamming Rey’s injured arm into the steel of the ramp. Here came the commercial.

After the break, Murphy launched Rey into the barrier on the outside. Murphy sent the injured hand into the steel steps and broke the count. He continued focusing on the injured hand. Rey countered and sent Murphy flying out to the floor. He ran and leapt off the steps with a hurricanrana into the steel of the ramp. Rey fought back into the ring with kicks to the face. He flew in with a seated senton and a crossbody.

More back and forth. Murphy blocked a 619 but Rey hit a big DDT for a close two count. More back and forth on the apron and the floor. Rey sent Murphy head-first into the barrier. He rolled Murphy back into the ring and went for a crossbody but Murphy rolled through. Murphy dropped Rey and nailed a knee strike, then a Brainbuster for a close two count. Rey grabbed Murphy’s leg but Murphy stomped away.

Murphy climbed back to the top but Rey cut him off. Rey climbed up but Murphy resisted. Murphy went for the sunset bomb from the top but Rey fought back. Rey hit the big Destroyer from the corner. He followed up with 619. Rey climbed to the top for the splash and nailed it for the pin to advance to Money In The Bank.

Result: Rey Mysterio def. Murphy

Post-match, The Master of 619 stood tall as his music hit.


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