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Renee Young talked issues with RAW announcing job & Jon Moxley’s matches

WWE appointed Renee Young as one of the lead announcers for the Red show after a stint as a backstage interviewer. She became the first woman to call an entire episode of Monday Night RAW. Owing to this job, she received a lot of flak and stress came with it. The criticism Renee received from WWE fans social media was because many weren’t fan of her announcing styles. Later, she addressed the same via her official Twitter handle by stating,

“Here’s the truth. I know I’m not great on commentary, but it’s my job. I try to get better each week. People love to tell me how bad I am at it as if I think I’m great at it. So I should just quit? What would that say about me? Not easy to learn a skill on a gigantic global TV show.”

Recently, WWE Backstage Host appeared in an interview with Sports Illustrated Media Podcast. Renee Young talked on a wide variety of topics. She explained her stressful RAW announcing job, as well as calling her husband’s matches while he’s in WWE.

“I never felt comfortable doing the job. It was a very stressful year to be quite honest.

“So one week Michael Cole and Triple H pulled me aside and said that I am going to be doing commentary on Monday Night Raw next week. I was like, what? Why? Whose idea was this?

“And on top of that, trying to call my husband’s matches when he was still with WWE, so there is a lot of different weird factors. I’m not trying to make any excuses but it just wasn’t the right gig for me.”

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