Renee Young worked for WWE for eight successful years. She has now left the company, and there are rumors about a possible AEW signing. During a separate interview, the former RAW commentator addressed the rumor.

Renee has also been talking about her time in the company in several interviews. Former WWE backstage interviewer appeared on The Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch. She spoke about her final conversations with many high-ranking WWE officials before she left the company.

Renee was in constant touch with Michael Cole, who took the conversations to Triple H, Vince McMahon, and Kevin Dunn. She stated that she only had to give two weeks’ notice to the company. Renee went up to Vince McMahon and said goodbye to the WWE Chairman on her last day.

Before her final day, Renee hadn’t had any conversations with the WWE officials. However, she explained that the WWE management understood the reasoning behind her decision to leave. Here’s Young’s Statment

“I was talking to Cole about everything, keeping him in the loop on how I was feeling, and he was taking those conversations and talking to Hunter, Vince, and Kevin Dunn, and letting them know. I wasn’t under a talent contract at that point, I was an employee, so I only had to give two weeks notice. It was really a different situation. It was odd being like, ‘here is my two weeks notice for this job I’ve been doing forever.’ I didn’t talk to — I texted with Hunter and Steph, and I went and said bye to Vince and Kevin Dunn on my last day; other than that, I had no conversations with them up until my last day. Everyone knew where we were at, and they understood. With my skillset, they just don’t really have a thing for me to do right now. They respected where I was coming from.”



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