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RAW Women’s Champion Asuka and Mickie James battled Lana and Natalya

RAW Women’s Champion Auska came out. She posed as the pyro went off. She will wrestle Mickie James next week, but team with her this week. Mickie was wrapping her entrance while Auska looked on. We saw last week’s win over Lana, which impressed Asuka enough to grant her the title shot for next week. Lana and Natalya were out next.

Natalya and Mickie traded shots to start the match. Mickie ended up hitting a low dropkick and covering for a two count. Lana and Asuka tagged in after more back & forth. Asuka caught a kick and leveled Lana in the gut with one of her own. Lana avoided the Hip Attack and Mickie tagged herself in. Mickie ended up taking Lana down and mounting her but Natalya broke it up with a basement dropkick for a two count. Lana tagged in and unloaded on Mickie, keeping her down in their corner.

Natalya came in and grounded Mickie some more, taunting Asuka with her. Natalya nailed a suplex for a two count on Mickie. Lana came back in off the double team and planted Mickie for a two count as Asuka broke it up. Mickie nailed a neckbreaker to Lana. She went for a tag but Asuka was down on the floor. Mickie climbed to the top but Asuka was on the apron, tagging herself in. Asuka ran in and applied the Asuka Lock to Lana. Mickie ran over and prevented Natalya from making the save. Lana tapped to Asuka for the finish.

Result: Asuka and Mickie James def. Lana and Natalya

– After the match, Asuka’s music hit as she and Mickie had their arms raised. They had some words ahead of next week’s title match.