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RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Riders challenged The Forgotten Sons

RAW Tag Team Champion The Viking Raiders – Erik and Ivar came out. So, the fans chanted “welcome back!” after The Raiders hit the ring. The Forgotten Sons were out next for this non-title match. Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake hit the ring while Jaxson Ryker marched behind them. Erik charged with a big dropkick to Blake, sending him to the floor, and then slammed Cutler into the mat. Ivar tagged in for some big double-teaming on Cutler. The Vikings hit more big double team moves. Cutler tried to make the save again, but he got tossed to the floor.

Erik unloaded on Cutler to the floor. He went to work on Blake. Erik got caught and double teamed out of the corner. Cutler with a two count. Cutler ended up turning it around on Erik while keeping him down. However, the referee warned him, and Ryker got a cheap shot in. Cutler hit shots in the corner. Erik fought out of the corner. Finally, Ivar tagged in. Ivar unloaded on Cutler and also fought Blake off. They went down on the outside. Erik fought up from Blake. Ivar tagged in and unloaded on both opponents. He hit a crossbody on Blake. Ivar hit a big splash on Cutler.

Further, the Vikings continued to run wild. They hit the big double team on Blake, but Ryker broke the pin with a boot on the bottom rope. Erik confronted Ryker at ringside, but Cutler made the save with the ring post. Cutler ended up taking Ivar down from behind in the ring. The Sons double teamd Ivar into Cutler’s knees for a two count. Ivar fought off both opponents. Erik tagged in and launched Blake, and then sent Cutler over the top. Ryker delivered a big cheap shot on Erik. Cutler scooped Erik on the apron and hit a big Death Valley Driver from the apron. He brought Erik back in for a two count.

However, the referee ejected Ryker to the back. Ivar ran the ropes and hit a big dive to Ryker. Cutler rolled Erik for a two count. Erik rocked Cutler with a big knee. Therefore, the fans chant “War!” for The Vikings. Blake launched Ivar into the other two participants with a top rope hurricanrana. The two teams faced off in the middle of the ring. They started brawling with each other. Ivar ended up doing a bunch of handsprings and nailing a double back elbow on his opponents. Finally, Erik came in for the double team on Cutler for the pin to get the non-title win.

Result: The Viking Raiders def. The Forgotten Sons

After the match, The Vikings stood tall with their titles in the air.

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