We got a video package for the former NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Elsewhere, The Viking Raiders were backstage warming up. After the break, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster from NXT UK came out. RAW Tag Team Champions Erik and Ivar were out next for this non-title match. Webster went at it with Erik and unloaded, sending him out. Andrews tagged in and leaped out for a dive. Ivar tagged in but got dumped over the top to the floor. Webster and Andrews ran the ropes, leaping out onto both opponents for a pop.

They brought it back in, but Erik caught Andrews with a big move but blocked in mid-air. Webster tagged in with a Senton on Erik for a close two count. Erik leveled Webster with a big forearm and then dropped Andrews out of the air. He blocked a double team and spiked both opponents on their heads at the same time. Ivar tagged in and ran the ropes, leaping out to both opponents with a suicide dive. He yelled out and brought it back into the ring.

Ivar hit a double splash in the corner. Erik tagged in and dropkicked Webster back into the corner. Erik rammed Ivar back into Webster in the corner. Andrews chopped both opponents, but it did nothing. He kept the offense coming on both opponents, but they caught him with a Viking Experience for the pin to win. After the match, RAW Tag Team Champions stood tall with the titles while their music was playing. The Viking Riders posed together in the middle of the ring while the crowd cheered them on.


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