Bianca Belair was constantly chasing Shayna Baszler during her reign as NXT Women’s Champion. The EST of NXT came close to dethroning The Queen of Spades. They were teammates in the first-ever NXT Women’s WarGames match last year. Since debuting on RAW, both women have made an instant impact. Baszler attacked Becky Lynch on her first night while Belair has picked up a few impressive wins on RAW.   

In an interview with WWE UK, Belair discussed facing the Submission Magician in the future. She opened up on how she has some unfinished business with Baszler.

“I really do hope that down the line in the future Shayna Baszler and I find ourselves in the ring together. I was in NXT and chasing after the NXT Women’s title for a while and I think everyone was chasing after Shayna. I wanted to be the one to take that title from Shayna and leaving NXT not being able to accomplish that always felt like unfinished business.”

She stated that one of the things that made her switch less bitter was actually the presence of Baszler.

“When I got switched over to RAW, it was a bittersweet moment. I was very very excited about coming to RAW. It was new doors opening, I got to be on the same show as my husband (Montez Ford). But one of the things that made it less bitter about the fact that Id to leave NXT before I got to accomplish becoming the Women’s NXT Champion is the fact that Shayna Baszler in on RAW with me. I can transfer that energy over to RAW and accomplish the same thing on RAW by getting in the ring with her and beating her. “

Moreover, Belair still has a small grudge with Baszler and will be looking to get some payback on her.

“I always hold a grudge when it comes to Shayna and it always going to be something. Ill hold on till I finally get into the ring with her and, kind of give her little bit of payback. So I’m hoping down the line, that opens up for me”


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