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Raw Results: United States Champion Ricochet defeated Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

United States Champion Ricochet faced Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson in a non-title match. Ricochet took the mic and said he proved himself against Styles last week. But before he could celebrate one of the biggest wins of his career, he got one of the biggest beatings of his life by The Club. Ricochet says he’s got The Phenomenal One at WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday. But we all know he’s about to have to deal with AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson tonight. Also, Ricochet said he’ll have to fight all three.

Meanwhile, Style’s music hit and The Club came out. Styles took the mic and told Ricochet to slow down and enjoy the moment because Gallows is going to stomp a mudhole in him. Also, he showed us a video package on last week’s reunion of The Club. Styles taunted Ricochet with a “too sweet” as the video ended. The bell rang as Ricochet and Gallows went right at it. They traded shots until Gallows hit a big chokeslam for two counts.

Moreover, Gallows kept control and worked Ricochet over in the corner with body shots while he’s down. Ricochet battled back, but a big boot leveled him while Styles and Anderson look on from the floor.  The Phenomenal One talked trash to Ricochet. Gallows kept Ricochet grounded. He continued to work Ricochet around the squared circle.

Furthermore, Gallows hit a headbutt to the back of the neck and talked more trash talk. He hit big strikes in the corner. Ricochet fought back and came out of the corner but Gallows connected with a huge clothesline. Gallows wasted some time showing off with Styles and Anderson. Ricochet rolled Gallows out of nowhere for the pin to secure the win.

After the match, Styles proposed Ricochet versus Karl Anderson unless Ricochet isn’t man enough. Anderson said he’s ready. Ricochet and Karl Anderson went at it in a non-title match. Ricochet spring-boarded in from the apron with an elbow for two counts. The Phenomenal One distracted from the apron, allowing Anderson to attack from behind and turn it around. However, he stomped away while Ricochet was down. Anderson took Ricochet down to cover. Ricochet mounted offense while Anderson caught him with a big spinebuster for two counts.

In addition, Anderson talked more trash with an uppercut. Ricochet came back with a kick to the face. Styles & Gallows provided distractions allowing Anderson to deck Ricochet again. Ricochet ran the ropes and leaped out, taking Gallows down on the floor. Also, he avoided a shot from Styles on the apron and then took him down on the floor. Ricochet went back to work on Anderson. Further, he hit a dropkick in the corner. Finally, Ricochet climbed to the top and hit the 630 on Anderson for the pin to win.

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