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Raw Results: The Viking Riders & Samoa Joe defeated The New Day

The Viking Riders – Eric & Ivar confront The New Day – Big E & Xavier Woods. Big E and Erik started the match. Big E and Woods double teamed early on. The Raiders turned it around off a double team after Ivar came in. Ivar unloaded on Big E and tagged Erik back in. Big E looked to turn it around, but Erik dropkicked him into the corner. The Raiders double teamed once again in the corner. Erik covered for two counts.

Fans chanted for Big E while Erik kept him grounded. The match suddenly ended when Samoa Joe attacked Woods at ringside and put him in the Coquina Clutch. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston ran down to make the save. However, this prompted The Raiders and Joe attacking The Dreadlocked Dynamo together at ringside. Big E and Woods were back over to face off with the others. Officials got between the two sides.

The six-man was underway as Kofi Kingston went at it with Ivar. Eventually, Kingston dropped Ivar with a dropkick for two counts. Xavier Woods came in to keep control of Ivar. Samoa Joe distracted Woods, allowing for a big kick from Ivar. The Samoan Submission Machine tagged in and taunted Kingston some before going to work on Woods. Erik came back in and kept control of Woods. He kept Woods grounded with an Armbar.

Woods fought back with chops and strikes on Erik. Erik caught him and launched Woods across the squared circle. Ivar came in and hit a big slam on Woods. Joe came in and hit a Senton on Woods for two counts. Finally, Kofi got a hot tag and ran wild on Ivar. Erik tagged in, but Kingston knocked him down. The Dreadlocked Dynamo hit a Boom Drop. Joe hit another cheap shot from the apron, but Kofi kneed him from the squared circle to the floor. Big E helped clean house, sending The Raiders to the floor.

Ivar stopped a Big E dive with a knee. Woods dropkicked Erik through the ropes. Ivar ran the ropes and nailed a dive to Woods. Kingston with Trouble In Paradise to send Ivar off the apron. Joe came from behind with a Coquina Clutch on Kingston. The Dreadlocked Dynamo tried to break the hold, but he started fading. Meanwhile, the referee checked on him. Finally, Kingston faded out, and the referee called the match.

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