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RAW Results: The Usos & The Miz defeated The Revival & Elias in 2 of 3 Falls Match

Raw Tag Team Champions The Revival & Elias battled The Usos & The Miz in 2 of 3 falls match. The Usos came out with mics, exciting the match and joined The Miz at ringside. Also, Cole revealed that this is a 2 of 3 Falls match. Dawson started with Jimmy and took him to the mat. Jimmy hit a big takedown in the middle of the squared circle. Dawson rocked Jimmy with an elbow to the mouth. Then, Elias tagged in, and Jimmy rocked him. Elias fired back and unloaded, beating Jimmy down. Thus, he became aggressive and nailed a clothesline.

Elias nailed Miz on the apron. Miz came in and had words with the referee. Elias hit more strikes to Jimmy, working him around the ring. Dash tagged in and stomped away on Jimmy. Further, he keeps Jimmy grounded. Elias and Miz met at ringside for a brawl. Miz sent Elias into the barrier and then again. Then he chased Elias into the squared circle and back out to the floor. Elias ran up the ramp to the stage while The Revival hit a Shatter Machine on Jimmy for the pin to get the first fall.

The bell rang for the second fall to begin. Elias walked out on his team. Dawson went to work on Jimmy. The Revival took turns on Jimmy and kept him down. Fans tried to rally for The Usos and The Miz. Dawson leaped into the corner, but Jimmy moved, and he hit the ring post. Dash tagged in and knocked Miz off the apron. Jimmy back-dropped Dash and Jey came in.

Jey climbed to the top rope and hit the crossbody on Dash, but Dash rolled through for two counts. Dawson tagged in while Dash took a Samoan Drop. Jey and Dawson traded shots. Dawson dropped Jey for two counts, and he argued with the referee about the count. Miz returned to the apron. Jimmy was still down. Dawson stopped Jey from tagging Miz. Finally, Miz got the tag. Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale to Dawson for the second pinfall. Jimmy tagged in as Miz got knocked out to the floor.

However, The Usos double teamed Dawson as the third fall officially begins off the bell ringing. The Usos hit superkicks to Wilder and Dawson. Therefore, this led to Jey hitting the big splash on Dawson for the pin to win. The Usos and The Miz stood tall together after the match and started celebrating.

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