Styles started with Metalik and went right to work, unloading and sending him into the corner for stomps. Anderson tagged in to keep control. Metalik turned it around on Anderson and hit a missile dropkick for two counts. Anderson dropped Metalik and kicked away. He took Metalik back to the corner and kept him down with a boot as Gallows tagged in. Gallows beat Metalik down with strikes and then stomped away in the corner.

Styles delivered a cheap shot from the apron. Metalik looked to fight back, but Gallows shut him down again. A big brawl broke out at ringside as Ricochet came running down to attack Styles. However, Officials ran down to try and get Ricochet off Styles. They backed Ricochet up the ramp and tried to restore order. Styles landed a dropkick on Lince as the match was back underway. Styles brought Lince to their corner and tagged in Gallows to keep him down.

Gallows unloaded with right hands on Lince. Also, Anderson tagged in for the quick double team. He scooped Lince and slammed him for two counts. Anderson worked Lince around but got caught with a springboard Stunner for a pop. Kalisto reached for the tag and got it. He rocked Styles off the apron and then Gallows.  Anderson and Kalisto went at it. Kalisto hit a springboard kick for a pin attempt. He spiked Anderson into the mat. Lince and Metalik ran the ropes and leaped out onto Anderson and Gallows.

Kalisto flew out onto them next. However, he brought Anderson back in and rocked him.  Styles pulled Kalisto off the apron, but Kalisto kicked him back into the barrier. Kalisto springboarded in, but Anderson caught him in mid-air. Anderson turned that into a big Spinebuster in the middle of the squared circle. Gallows tagged in, and they hit the Boot of Doom to Kalisto. Lince tried to make the save, but Gallows knocked him out to the floor.

Styles tagged in and stood tall while some fans booed him. He rolled Kalisto into the Calf Crusher and won by submission. The Phenomenal One kept the submission locked in after the bell. Lince and Metalik tried to make the save, but Anderson and Gallows knock them out of the ring. Finally, United States Champion broke it, and The Club stood tall over Kalisto before Styles sent him out of the ring.


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