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RAW Results: SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley defeated Sarah Logan in Beat The Clock Challenge Match

SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley faced Sarah Logan in a beat the clock challenge match. Mike Rome did the introductions. However, the winner of this match will get to pick the stipulation for Alexa Bliss versus Bayley at WWE Extreme Rules. They locked up and went at it. Bayley quickly took Sarah down for a pin attempt.

They tanged some more and Logan went for a pin of her own. The Hugger hit a running knee in the corner. Logan dropped Bayley into a big headbutt. She dropped kicked Bayley out of the squared circle while the referee counts. Sarah Logan posed in the corner and howled again.

Further, she brought Bayley back into the ring for a pin attempt. Logan hit another big dropkick into the corner and attempted pin after keeping control. Fans tried to rally for The Hugger. Bayley tackled Logan and mounted her with right hands. Logan hit another big dropkick for two counts. She went for a submission, but Bayley made it to the bottom rope.

Logan kept part of it held and drove a knee down.  She leveled Bayley for another pin attempt. Bayley rolled Logan for two counts.  The Hugger hit a knee. Also, Bayley hit a sunset bomb into the corner and the pin for a win at 4:32. SmackDown Women’s Champion stood tall after the match with 4:32 time to beat. Meanwhile, Nikki Cross came out to the stage face Dana Brooke in Beat the clock challenge match.

Nikki Cross defeated Dana Brooke

Nikki Cross rushed to the squared circle. Dana Brooke was wrapping her entrance. She went right to ringside to waste time. Also, Bayley watched from ringside and smiled. Brooke went over and hugged Bayley. Finally, Cross brought Brooke in the ring and worked her over for a quick pin attempt. Cross mounted Brooke and pounded on her. She took Brooke to the corner and stomped away.

Dana Brooke blocked a suplex attempt in the corner and dropped Cross on her face. She climbed to the top rope for a Swanton, but Cross moved. Further, Cross came over, and Brooke rolled her for two counts. Brooke blocked a backslide and rolls Cross up for two counts. Finally, Cross countered and hit neckbreaker for the pin to win with 1:50 on the clock.

Nikki Cross will get to pick the stipulation for Alexa Bliss versus Bayley this Sunday. Thus, she took the mic after the match while Bayley watched from ringside. Cross asked Bayley to come in the ring so she can say what she wants to speak to her face. Cross announced that the SmackDown Women’s Title match at Extreme Rules will now a 2-on-1 Handicap Match.

Also, she said she’s going to help The Goddess to capture the title. Cross told Bayley to find a friend of her own, someone to slap some sense into her. The Hugger hit Cross to the mat. Cross came back, but Bayley dropped her with a Bayley-to-Belly suplex. Smackdown Women’s champion climbed to the top and delivered a big elbow to Cross.

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