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RAW Results: Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre defeated Roman Reigns &“Gary ‘The GOAT’ Garbutt.”

Roman Reigns made his way to the ring first and waited. Shane McMahon came out – followed by Drew McIntyre and took mics on the stage. The Best in the World asked Mike Rome to give them a proper introduction. Shane taunted Reigns about the win at WWE Super ShowDown. Also, that’s what will happen tonight. Shane said they would then put The Big Dog and The Undertaker down in the ground on Sunday.

The Scottish Psychopath said he could see right through Reigns, unlike the idiots in the crowd. Plus, McIntyre said Reigns acts like he’s a good guy and some role model. But The Big Dog has no respect for Shane or authority, only himself. McIntyre promised that he’s going to beat respect into Reigns tonight and on Sunday. Fans responded with “what!?”.

The Scottish Psychopath told them to shut their mouths and listen to Shane. The Best in the world said he finally found the right partner for Reigns. The 5th-grade spelling bee champion, the three-time Prudential Center Employee of the Month, Gary “The GOAT” Garbutt & the janitor appeared. However, Gary came out limping to the ring and wearing a Lucha mask.

The bell rang as Reigns unloaded on McIntyre with clotheslines. The Big Dog hit a Samoan Drop in the middle of the ring. Reigns called for an early Superman Punch, but McIntyre blocked it. McIntyre hit a big right hand and a Glasgow Kiss headbutt. The Scottish Psychopath knocked Reigns out of the ring after he hit the ring post shoulder-first.

Meanwhile, the referee said a tag was made. McIntyre brought Gary into the ring, and he landed hard. Shane tagged in as Gary scrambled to retreat. Gary decked Shane out of nowhere and spring-boarded in with a clothesline. Further, he unloaded on Shane after sending McIntyre out of the squared circle. Gary ran the ropes and leaped out, taking McIntyre down on the floor.

Moreover, fans went wild for Gary as he posed. Gary came back in and flew at Shane, taking him down. McIntyre ran in and shut Gary down with a Claymore Kick. The Best in the World covered to end the match. However, Reigns ran in and knocked McIntyre out of the ring with a Superman Punch. Thus, Shane retreated up the ramp with Drew. Reigns clutched his shoulder.

Shane O Mac and McIntyre stood tall on the stage while they were announced as the winners. Gary unmasked, and revealed to be Cedric Alexander under the mask. Reigns were surprised. Shane and McIntyre weren’t happy, looking on from the stage. Cedric stood with Reigns while Shane and Drew look on from the stage. The announcers talked over the Extreme Rules card as the go-home RAW went off the air.

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