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RAW Results: Fatal Five-Way #1 Contenders Elimination Match

The Miz came out for the match to determine the Stomping Grounds opponent for WWE United States Champion Samoa Joe. A-Lister entered the ring and dropped Elias with a Skull Crushing Finale. Then, Bobby Lashley came out next. The AllMighty hit the ring and also drove Elias into the mat. Cesaro was out next. He entered the ring and hit a Cesaro Swing on Elias. Ricochet was out next, and he waited for Elias to get back to his feet. Ricochet sent Elias right back down with double knees to the face. Finally, Braun Strowman came out last. The Monster entered the ring and stared down at Elias on the mat. So, he scooped Elias for a big running PowerSlam.

The Monster battled everyone off. US Champion Samoa Joe was watching from ringside. Miz applied a Sleeper to Braun and Ricochet charged, but he kept the upper hand. Superstars kept going for Strowman, but he’s still standing. Finally, Cesaro scooped Strowman up and slammed him. He couldn’t hit the Neutralizer. Cesaro went for a crossbody, but Strowman caught him and planted him. Lashley went for a Spear, but Strowman caught him and slapped him on top of Cesaro for the pin to eliminate.

Ricochet flew at Strowman while Strowman shut him down and launched him. Miz ran into a boot from Strowman. Finally, the AllMighty took Strowman down. He delivered a big suplex. Lashley knocked A-Lister off the apron. Further, Ricochet attacked from the apron but got knocked back to the floor. The Monster connected Lashley with a big slam for the pin to eliminate The AllMighty.

Strowman ran around the squared circle and leveled Miz at ringside. He continued running and flattens Ricochet next. The Monster ran again, past Joe, and ran over Miz again. Strowman yelled out and brought Miz back into the squared circle. He charged with a splash to A-Lister in the corner, and another. Strowman scooped Miz, but Lashley ran in and hit a Spear. Cesaro ran back in and dropped Strowman with a Neutralizer. Further, Ricochet climbed to the top and hit the 630 on Strowman. Cesaro & Lashley helped Ricochet with the pin to eliminate Braun.

Ricochet couldn’t believe the assistance he received. It’s down to A-Lister and Ricochet now. Strowman got up and launched Ricochet out of the squared circle, onto Lashley on the floor. The Monster was furious as he launched Lashley into the barrier. Then, Strowman chased Cesaro to the stage and drove him into the LED board. Miz was down at ringside, as was Ricochet. The referee checked on. Miz went at it with Ricochet. They brought it back in, but Ricochet climbed back out over the top, taking Miz down. Both came back in and traded shots.

Ricochet blocked the Skull Crushing Finale and rolled A-Lister up for two counts. Miz came back with a DDT for another pin attempt. Miz kept control with kicks and rolled up for two counts. Ricochet delivered an enziguri. Miz went for a Figure Four in the middle of the squared circle and locked it in. Ricochet tried to turn the hold, but Miz kept it locked. He turned the hold over, but Miz reversed it again. Finally, the hold was broken for a roll-up. Miz spring-boarded in but Ricochet caught him with a knee to the jaw. Ricochet climbed back to the top rope and hit the 630 for the pin to become the new #1 contender for Stomping Grounds.

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