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RAW Results: Bobby Lashley defeated the returning Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio came to the ring making his return from the recent separated shoulder.The Master of 619 took the mic and said he will keep this short and simple. Mysterio talked about relinquishing the WWE United States Title six weeks ago. Further, he said it was one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do.

Mysterio said doctors told him it would be a long time before he could return. But he refused that, worked harder and became hungrier. Fans popped when Rey said he beat the doctor’s predictions, and now he’s back. Also, he’s so ready to compete. Therefore, The Master of 619 laid out an open challenge to anyone in the back that’s listening.

The music hit and Bobby Lashley came out to answer the challenge. However, The All Mighty surprised everyone for returning after last week’s stage explosion with Braun Strowman. Further, the bell rang, and Mysterio immediately attacked to start.

They went at it and traded shots. He hit an early 619 for a pop. Mysterio climbed to the top rope, but Lashley caught him in mid-air, planting him in the mat. Finally, Bobby Lashley hit a big spear for the easy win over The Master of 619. The All Mighty stood tall after the match.

Lashley grabbed Mysterio and launched him out of the squared circle, to the floor, while fans booed. He dragged Mysterio up the ramp to the stage, going to throw him through the LED board like Braun Strowman did last week. Meanwhile, the referee got in the way, and Lashley dropped Mysterio instead. He went back to Mysterio and threw him onto the referees.

Moreover, he grabbed the mic and addressed Braun Strowman. The All Mighty said he would be the last man standing on Sunday. Lashley walked to the back while the medics and officials checked on Former United States Champion and the others who were down.

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