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RAW Results: 2-of-3 Falls Match – New Day vs. Corbin, Zayn & Owens

WWE announced Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Big E & Xavier Woods for WWE Stomping Grounds. Woods started with Zayn as Corbin and Kingston also looked on. Woods ended up hitting the rolling elbow, but he couldn’t put Zayn away. Owens tagged in and unloaded on Woods in the corner as the referee warned him. Corbin tagged in and also has words with the referee while unloading on Woods. Owens got cheap shots in.

Finally, Woods dropped Corbin, but Owens ran in to stop the tag. KO went for a Senton, but Woods got his knees up. Zayn tagged in to stop Woods from tagging. Woods ended up rolling Zayn up for the pin for the first fall. The Lone Wolf unloaded on Big E in the corner. Owens tagged in and continued the assault going in the corner, unloading while Big E is down. KO mocked Woods and Kingston after they were knocked off the apron.

Owens delivered another shot to Big E for two counts. Zayn tagged back in and unloaded on Big E, keeping him in their corner. Big E tried to battle out of the corner, but Zayn kicked him. Zayn charged, but Big E sent him through the ropes to the floor. Big E looked to tag, but Owens ran in and stunned him with a SuperKick for two counts. Corbin tagged in and kept Big E down while taunting Woods and Kingston. Corbin connected Big E with a big right hand.

Zayn tagged back in with more of the same to keep Big E in their corner. Owens came back in but ended up missing in the corner, hitting the ring post. Big E delivered a big belly-to-belly on Owens as he approached. Kingston tagged in and few off the top rope at Corbin who was also tagged in. The Dreadlocked Dynamo nailed a dropkick to Corbin. Kingston hit a kick to the head as Corbin charged. He climbed to the top and hit a Crossbody on Corbin for two counts.

Kingston connected Corbin with the Boom Drop in the middle of the squared circle. Zayn interfered, and Corbin nailed a Deep Six to Kingston for two counts as Woods made the save. KO kicked Woods out of the ring while Zayn took Big E out. Corbin ended up hitting a big clothesline on Zayn by accident as Kingston ducked. Owens and Corbin had words while KO Super-kicked Corbin.

Zayn and Owens walked out, leaving Corbin by himself.  The Dreadlocked Dynamo hit Trouble In Paradise on Corbin for the pin to win.

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