Randy Orton’s standing in the ring with a ladder and a mic. We see the MITB Breifcase hanging high over the squared circle. The Viper discusses how he will win the Money in the Bank for the second time on Sunday. Further, the three most risky letters for the WWE Champion will be RKO. Randy Orton droped the mic. The music hits and out next comes Andrade with Zelina Vega. Likewise, Vega & Andrade talk about how he will be Mr. Money in the Bank after Sunday. Then, Ali showed up who’s followed by Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor for this non-title match.

The Viper worked Ali around the ring. Finn Balor attempts to get included yet he gets kicked out of the squared circle. Randy Orton gets Ali with a powerslam while Fans asked for the RKO. Now as Orton stalks Ali but he’s down. The Apex Hunter stunned Ali with an uppercut. Mustafa Ali gets Orton with a dropkick and Orton went down. Orton kept running into a back elbow in the corner. Ali obstructs the RKO and countered with a major DDT.

Mustafa Ali with a 2 counts on Orton as Andrade splits it up. He sent Andrade into the turnbuckles. Andrade returns and turns Ali back to front with a big hit. Andrade removed Ali from the ring to the floor. But Finn Balor droped Andrade in the corner. The Extraordinary Man stunned Andrade and Randy Orton, thumping him off the cover. Moreover, Balor connected an elbow to Orton’s throat. Intercontinental Champion kicked Andrade in the head from the cover.

Finn Balor moved to the top for the Coup de Grace however Andrade groins him. Andrade then connected him with the running twofold knees in the corner. Balor kicked out at 2 while Vega isn’t pleased. Vega looked under the ring and called for Andrade to come get the ladder. Andrade brought two ladders out and slide one of them into the ring. Andrade thrusts the ladder into Finn Balor. Mustafa Ali connected Andrade with drop kick and he falls retreat to the floor.

Also, he jumped over the top rope and hit the ladder in Andrade’s arms on the floor. Andrade sent Balor into the ladder in the corner. Ali jumps off the top and Orton caught him with the RKO. Also, Andrade dropped Balor amidst the ring once more. Andrade with the Hammerlock DDT for a nearby two tally. The Extraordinary Man jumped out of the ring to bring Ali and Orton down on the floor. However, Andrade and Balor contended more amidst the ring. Andrade with Hammerlock DDT to secure the pin to win.


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