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Randy Orton, Ricochet & Humberto Carrillo joined forces against The OC in the main event

Randy Orton came out for tonight’s six-man main event. Ricochet was out, followed by Humberto Carrillo. The OC – Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and WWE United States Champion AJ Styles came out next. The OC posed on the stage and headed to the ring while the pyro went off. Ricochet started with Anderson and they went at it. He dropkicked Anderson in mid-air and took him to the corner. Orton tagged in and worked on Anderson’s arm. Carrillo tagged in and took over on Anderson while the tension between Orton and Ricochet continued. Styles unloaded on Humberto.

Humberto countered and hit a big arm drag after some springboarding, and another arm drag. Ricochet tagged back in and came flying at Styles. He kept control until Styles nailed a jawbreaker. Styles ended up knocking Orton off the apron after Ricochet sent him into the ropes, and there’s some confusion. He hit a springboard crossbody. Styles went down, but Orton rushed back in and got in Ricochet’s face. Orton and Ricochet had words as Humberto got in between them to break it up. Ricochet dropped Styles with a kick. Carrillo tagged in and took Styles down. Styles hit a boot in the corner.

Carrillo leaped off the top and took Styles down for another two count. Styles delivered some offense. Gallows tagged in and beat Carrillo around. He hit big body shots in the corner. Gallows kept control and tagged in Styles for a quick double team on Carrillo. Styles kept Carrillo grounded. Carrillo avoided a double team from Styles and Anderson, but Anderson quickly shut him down. Humberto managed to tag in Ricochet. Ricochet unloaded and sent Anderson into the corner. Ricochet dropped Gallows and Styles from the apron then springboarded in at Anderson but had to move out of the way.

Anderson hit a big Spinebuster on Ricochet for a close two count. Orton may have had Ricochet distracted there. Anderson brought it back in for one count. He grounded Ricochet. Styles came back in, and they took turns on keeping Ricochet down. Gallows was back in and hit a snap suplex on Ricochet. He dropped an elbow for a two count. Gallows went on and launched Ricochet into the corner, turning him upside down. Orton stared Ricochet down from the apron. Gallows scooped Ricochet and slammed him. Gallows with a leg drop for another two count. He pounded on Ricochet and manhandled him some while grounding him in the middle of the ring.

Ricochet fought up to his feet, but Gallows clubbed him down. Gallows rocked Orton off the apron with a big right hand. He went back to Ricochet. Ricochet fought back and unloaded with kicks, nailing an Enziguri to daze him. Styles tagged in, but Ricochet dropped him with a second heel kick. Fans and Carrillo tried to rally Ricochet. Humberto tagged in and unloaded on Styles. He landed a big kick to the face from the corner. Humberto hit a standing moonsault into a two count on Styles. He climbed to the top, but Styles dodged the moonsault. Orton tagged in and caught Styles with a big powerslam.

He went for the second rope draping DDT on Styles and nailed it. So, the fans popped for The Viper as he got fired up. Orton went for the RKO on Styles, but Anderson ran in and rocked him. However, everyone got involved, coming off the top and the ropes. Humberto dropkicked Gallows out and climbed to the top, leaping out to drop Gallows and Anderson on the floor. Orton stalked Styles and Ricochet while they were down. It looked like he’s doing for his partner, but he nailed a huge RKO out of nowhere on Styles instead.

Orton tagged Humberto in, and he climbed to the top for the big moonsault on Styles for the pin to win. After the match, the winners stood tall until Ricochet and Orton met in the middle of the ring for some words. Orton warned Ricochet that he does what he wants when he wants, remember that. The Viper turned and walked away while Ricochet was saying something. Orton was exiting the ring, but stopped to turn and stared Ricochet down. Ricochet looked on from the ring. RAW went off the air.

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