Orton entered the ring while fans were booing him. He took his time and looked out around the arena like he did last week. Orton took the mic and said he still owes everyone an explanation for what he did two weeks ago to WWE Hall of Famer Edge. He said what he did to Edge hurt him more than it did Edge.

However, the music interrupts and Matt Hardy came out to a pop. Fans chanted “Delete!” as Matt walked to the ring with a mic. Matt said he and everyone else wants to know why Orton did it. He hit the ring. Matt said Orton is probably thinking why does Matt give a damn about Edge. He talked about his history with Edge and fans chanted for WWE Hall of Famer Lita. Matt said there was a time when he absolutely hated Edge, but before that he and his brother Jeff Hardy were really close with Edge and Christian.

Further, he went on about how they revolutionized the Ladder Match. So, fans chanted “TLC!” Matt went on about what they did with the TLC Match, and how it will be a staple in WWE forever. He said they went to WrestleMania a few times and stole the show multiple times, and they did it together. Matt went on about Edge’s retirement and how he finally made the most miraculous return ever 9 years later, but Orton took that away. He told Orton to look at him.

Moreover, Matt asked what the hell is wrong with Orton. Orton went to speak but tried for the RKO instead. Matt blocked it and they tangled. Orton blocked a Side Effect and then dropped Matt with the RKO in the middle of the ring. Some fans booed as Orton went to the timekeeper’s area and brought a few steel chairs in the ring. Orton placed one chair under Matt’s head and then used the other chair to smash his head while referees ran down.

It was too late. Orton dropped the bent chair and stood over Matt while fans booing. He rolled out of the ring as referees came in to check on Matt. Fans booed. Orton stopped on the stage and turned around while the boos got louder. He stared back at the ring.


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