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Princess Mella tangled with Mandy Rose as tension raise in Fire & Desire


Elsewhere, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose were backstage. Rose reminded Sonya that she has a match coming up next. Sonya asked if Rose expects her support tonight when she wasn’t there for her loss to Carmella last week. Rose reminded her that she was covered in the sweat of Otis last week after he hugged her due to the Secret Santa gift. Deville appeared to be on the same page with her partner but she has some autographs to deliver first.

Rose turned to leave but ran into Otis. He has got a fruit cake in his hands and he was sorry for getting sweat all over her last week. Otis said his mother saw the kiss and hug last week, so she made this cake for Rose. Rose received the cake but she wasn’t interested in anything else it looks like. Otis seemed like he wants to say something else or hug Rose but Rose said she has a match and will see Otis later. The Golden Goddess walked off.

Carmella came out first for the match. She got pyro again this week. We got a pre-recorded video from Carmella, issuing a threat to Rose. Carmella said she will show everyone tonight why she is money. After the break, Mandy Rose came out. Sonya Deville was not with her because she was still delivering her autographed calendars. The bell rang and they went at it. Carmella delivered offense and showed off some early on.

Rose dropped Carmella and worked her over on the mat. She hit a dropkick into the corner. Rose followed up with a big running knee to the face for a two count. She kept Carmella grounded and worked her over. Rose kept the offense going and talked more trash, saying Carmella will never be like her. Carmella responded by leveling Rose. The brawl continued. Carmella took her down and a clotheslined for a two count. They traded more pin attempts and counters. Finally, Carmella came back with another big shot to the face for the pin to win.

Result: Carmella def. Mandy Rose

After the match, The Princess of Staten Island stood tall while her music hit.



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